Sylvia: "I've never been hit so hard";_ylt=AoVWIEgqhhtYb6HkI5FFpsU5nYcB?slug=dm-mmachange071908&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

“I’m human,” he said, noting his thumb came out of its socket during the flurry. “I thought I was the guy to beat him,” said Sylvia. “But I’ve never been hit so hard. I think it was a choke across the windpipe because that hurts. But my pride’s hurt, that’s about it.”

 Tim was in Awe and very humbled at the post press conf. I was there. He was meloncholy to say the least.

Honestly, for all the shit he takes, Tim Sylvia is a great guy. He is still a top 5 HW.

"But my pride’s hurt, that’s about it"

Well, Fedor is the Pride HW champion

Classy Timmmay


tim just fought the number 2 and number 1 heavyweights in the world back to back. He's a badass no doubt, takes some brass balls to do that.

id like to see Sylvia fight Cain Velasquez...

Tim is classy just to show at the conference. I know I'd fell like crap training for months to get beat like that, even it's by Fedor.

BTW that is a good journalistic piece. There aint to many of those in the mainstream, so that's good.


I am still amazed that so many people are surprised that
Sylvia was toast to Fedor. The only two HW at the moment that match up stylistically are Randy or Barnett. AA gets KO'd inside one round should they set up that fight.

Another dominating night for Fedor.

I tip my hat to Sylvia with this clip....

p.s. only non-noobs will get this:)
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he was classy in defeat to nog as well.

Tim looked extremely humble at the post-fight presser, but he still went out there and was a gracious loser.

Clearly after the fight was over, he was just completely dejected, unlike i've seen him ever before.

 fedor hits your face so hard, your thumb jumps out of socket

kerry schall said the same thing after his fight with fedor many yrs back

That was an LAPD choke. Fedor must've picked it up from BJM.

I don't remember but did they do a post fight interview in the ring with tim?

No, they didn't.

Anyone have a link to him doing the post-fight presser?

Sylvia post fight

Hurtin' bombs.