Sylvia on June HDNet show?

That was reported as a possibility on a certain MMA radio show that I just got emailed to me.

The rumor is this: Tim Sylvia being discussed as possibly being on a June HDNet Fights card in Dallas.

There won't be when Sylvia fights for another organization. The June time frame sounds about right, so who knows?

Alright, inf0. We'll have to ttt this if/when it comes about.

Even though he is a top HW, we just don't care to watch him "fight."

What the fuck is wrong with that guy in that gif you posted, inf0? Wow.

I can assure you that HDNet Fights will not be doing a Dallas card in June...

"While Emelianenko was short on details, has learned through sources close to the negotiations that Fedor-Sylvia would headline a card tentatively scheduled for the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, the home base of HDNet Fights."

Haole - 21 minutes and nobody gives a shit yet

The worm has turned, BJandCabbageFan.

aleks would dazzle tim with hand speed and KO him



HDNetFight - ‘Fedor Versus The Maine-iac’

Submitted by:Shu Hirata 

Posted on : 4/10/2008 

For those who have been following the recent events among MMA organizations globally, it might not be any surprise to you that Tim Sylvia will be the next man to take on Fedor Emilianenko.  While Randy Couture is tied up in legal proceedings due to contractual difficulties with the puppet masters of the octagon, the name that should most stand out is that of Monty Cox.


According to sources, Fedor will be taking on former UFC heavyweight champion Sylvia on July 19 in Dallas Texas in Mark Cuban’s HDNetFight.


I suppose what is most surprising is that it was not Big Ben Rothwell who got the first shot at the Russian champion as both he and Tom Silvia are under the management wings of the man who became matchmaker for the already gone M-1 Global. Monty Cox (matchmaker for Adrenaline) is the biggest shaker in MMA management in the United States and has managed many successful standouts like Matt Hughes and other Miletich fighters. He recently acquired Eddie Alvarez who made an impressive debut in the Dream Lightweight Tournament.


While Fedor has been hopping around the globe taking on whom ever it may be and defeating them at will, Sylvia has had a less consistent victory output, although his recent losses are against Randy Couture and most recently Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira.


This will indeed be a contest, in which Sylvia needs to implement his lengthy striking, but will most likely get nailed and submitted like most of Fedor’s opponents.  For Sylvia this is a tremendous opportunity to make an impression on the MMA world, while for Fedor it is another symbolic victory by defeating an ex champion of the Octagon.

hankd - I can assure you that HDNet Fights will not be doing a Dallas card in June...

I'm going to laugh when you rely on the technicality that this show is in July, as if that's what you were referring to.