Sylvia situation...

Here is what happened in the Tim Sylvia test situation... pretty much, Josh Gross has it nailed in his story on Maxfighting...

Tim was required by the NSAC to produce a negative test before getting his license to compete in UFC 47... we knew this was going to take work because our doctor said once the stuff gets into your fat cells it can crystalize and stay there for more than a year. (don't start arguing roid issues, please. I know nothing about it, and am only stating what the doctor told us).

A test was taken many weeks prior to the UFC to see what the levels were... it was like .00000000064, which is very little.

Tim flew to Vegas to give the results to Zuffa and the NSAC and he offered to take a lie detector test to prove he had not used since the time he admitted to when he was suspended. NSAC officials said they believed him, and that the low amount was not consistent with somebody who had been using recently.

However, Tim still needed to work to get the remaining trace out of his body... and he used a herbal clensing thing-a-ma-jig... something that is completely OK to do.

Here's where it gets tricky... Wanting to give the herbs the most chance to work, he waited until he got to Vegas to take the test for the NSAC... he tried to do it Monday, but there was a problem (not sure what) and he was told to come back Tuesday. He took the test on Tuesday... and they hoped to get it back by Thursday afternoon... before the licensing and weigh-in.

As you know... the test results were not back until Friday. Zuffa had to make the changes in the lineup on Thursday and Tim was out.

We didn't learn that the test came back NEGATIVE until Tim was told by Dana White at the event.

As far as the release Zuffa put out saying Tim failed a test on Thursday... that's wrong and didn't happen. Not sure how that happened... probably in the rush to get something out quickly.

That's how this all came down... Zuffa and the NSAC will and has confirmed all of this in Gross' report.

Great work in clearing up the situation.


Wasn't it two different types? That's what I heard, but am not here all the time, and havn't been following it.

I've not read any other versions... I read what Maxfighting said, and it was very close.

The tests showed the same substance. NSAC would know the difference.

I tried to explain what happened... I'm closer to this than anybody else I know. So, I know what I'm saying is true. But, if some of you want to have your own theories... I can't stop that, and I'm not wasting another second of my time worrying about it.

Thanks promoter!! Sounds pretty bad on UFC's part imo.

Zuffa tried to help out as best it could... Dana gave Tim the time to clean out the traces and get the negative test... he waited until the last possible moment... it just didn't come back in time.

Tests done where we live take 2 weeks to get back... they are sent to Virginia. Nevada has it all done right there... that's why it made sense to wait and get it done in Vegas, so he would have the most time possible to clean out his system.

my friend who is a doctor said its pretty unheard of for there to be any traces in ur body unless after 6 weeks of not using .Wasnt last UFC when he got caught like 6 months ago or more when he beAT MCgEE.Im not a doctor either but no matter how u slice it it is very strange he has any elements in his body some 6 months later.As a fan Id have liked to have seen Sylvia fight but to have this happen the day before the show is very unprofessional IMO

WHY didnt they take a practice test in Iowa and if he failed say hes hurt.If he aint used in like 6 months How is a day or 2 gunna change results ?

Thanks, Monte. No conspiriacy theory on my part, I just intially heard that report of the two different types and then didn't hear it again. I didn't follow it too much either though, so that's why I asked you. Thanks for clearing it up.



Tim's pre-test was done in Iowa... and sent to Virginia. It took 2 weeks to get it back. It came back with traces... that's when Tim went to Nevada to talk with Zuffa and NSAC.

From what I'm told, it is amazing to get a test like that done in 3 days... even in Nevada. We were trying for 2 days after he couldn't take the test on Monday.

"... we knew this was going to take work because our doctor said once the stuff gets into your fat cells it can crystalize and stay there for more than a year."

Then why sign to fight less than 6 months later?? It seems to me that Tim put himself in this situation by writing a check his pee couldn't cash, pardon the term. Would it have been so terrible to give himself an extra two months to get things straightened out and fight at 48 instead??

Im sure u can ask FRASER.....i think hes a geek in a labcoat

his test came back clean the day of show end of story!

Tim is clear to fight now.

When we agreed to fight on April 2, we had no idea anything would be left in the system. Like many people on here, we assumed it would be gone.

It wasn't until we took the test as a precaution that we found out traces remained. That's when we talked to our doctor and to Zuffa and NSAC.

Believe me, we don't know why the traces were still there... all we had been told indicated it would probably be good to go. It just didn't work out that way.

So are you sure a test was really done? Tim Sylvia told that they are only tested after the UFCs and that he hadn't taken a test and failed. I think he also blamed computer geeks on the internet for trying to ruin his reputation.

What really happened?

Taken from

"Tony Caiazzo: Well let me ask you Tim. Did you take a test?

Tim Sylvia: We don't take tests until AFTER the fight."

Can anyone explain this?

An herbal supplement to "clean" out trace amounts???

Perhaps mask??? maybe??? either way, this story sucks, and so much lying and bs'ing is going on it makes me laugh at all parties involved

Even more confused now.