Sylvia situation...

Read the Maxfighting story. The NSAC rep even says Tim used an herbal cleaning... it isn't illegal to do that. Masking agents are also tested for, and Tim's test showed none of that.

I can only speculate on Tim's comments to insidefighting... I didn't even read them. But maybe he was talking about the tests you can be suspended and fined for... people were asking on here if he would be suspended for the test showing traces... and that is not the same kind of test. Tim could have tested for 10 times the amount in the pre-test and still would not have been suspended or fined.

You can only be punished for testing AFTER fighting... not before.

Aren't you Tim Sylvia's manager? Instead of speculating, why don't you actually ask Tim Sylvia what he meant by those comments? Sylvia's reputation was really hurt after the truth came out a few days later, so I am sure if he explained himself to you it could only help his case. Unless of course, he was lying.

So when Tim was asked if he took a steroid test and he said no and that they only take them after the fight, he wasn't lying because he doesn't consider steroid tests as counting unless they take place AFTER the UFC? Sounds a little bit too much like the "it depends upon what your definition of the word 'is' is" defense to me.

And if he wasn't punished for what the prefight tests showed, how come he wasn't fighting on Friday night? Even if it wasn't technically on suspension, he did not participate in a heavyweight title fight because of the results of a pre fight drug test. So it would appear as if the pre fight tests do matter, even if he is going to be fighting in the next UFC.

striker with the cross examination!!!

reading comprehension is your friend.

promote is saying they took a test on their own that took 2 weeks to get the results back. so he didnt just think a day or so would clean out his minute traces. he was actually assuming 2-3 weeks would be enough for them to be gone.

Hey, you guys think what you want. It isn't any skin off my teeth.

I explained what happened, and refuse to waste any more time on it. LOL at me calling Tim and interviewing him because some guy on the UG wants answers.

Call Zuffa... call the NSAC. YOU do some work. I have more important things to do.

Bottom line, Tim passed his test and is eligible to fight on June 19. If you don't like it, don't watch it... makes no difference to me.

How is he a 2-time cheater? He tested positive, then tested again for traces of what he took the first time. You can't understand this?

The NSAC certainly does and they asked the their doctors to confirm it.

Enough with the conspiracy theories... you guys live in a fantasy land.

Striker18; maybe since he got busted after the McGee fight, he had to take a test before the fight as special circumstances.

"Tim still needed to work to get the remaining trace out of his body... and he used a herbal clensing thing-a-ma-jig... something that is completely OK to do."

I would be interested in knowing what that thing-a-ma-jig was.

I, too, wonder what Zuffa was doing in that release on Thursday. It made it seem like the test came back in time for Tim to fight, but it was positive... and that is not the case.

The first release said he was waiting until the very last minute... the second release should have explained that the test didn't get back in time... it would have saved a lot of confusion.

LOL @ everyone calling Sylvia a cheater and getting on his ass. Ok guys you are all right, Tim is the only one in MMA that hos done steriods.

Luckily no one else that has stepped foot in the cage ever did roids.

"Tim still needed to work to get the remaining trace out of his body... and he used a herbal clensing thing-a-ma-jig... something that is completely OK to do."

That stuff doesn't work. There is a method that does work (at least at the low levels Sylvia was presenting), but it doesn't require any fancy store-bought mystical hoodoo herbs.

Yep. The NSAC has never dealt with any of this before... the doctors they use (who do the testing for the Olympics) have never dealt with Steroids... WE were able to fool them. They looked at the data, and believed what we were saying... YOU internet guys are too smart, but the doctors at NSAC just couldn't keep up.

You got us...

Hey, who really shot JFK? Somebody here has to know.

get off tim's back.

bsf, striker18, you guys are usually bigger than this. get a grip.

Good for Tim. Can't wait to see him fight again.

It is good to hear . Too bad he didn`t get the chance to fight.

Good response Monte, you managed to both ignore all of the questions and points I raised while giving a Sylvia esque response about people on the internet. On the one hand, Sylvia seems to think one guy on the internet single handedly ruined his chance to fight (even though he was not guilty of any wrong doing), yet you bring up the point asking why Sylvia would care about "some guy" on the Internet. I now understand why you are on such good terms with Zuffa.

Relating to the Sylvia interview and Tim claiming he wasn't tested, the Bill Clinton style word parsing defense is probably the most entertaining thing to come out of this whole debacle. I suppose next you are going to tell me that Tim did not have any pharmacuetical relations with that drug, winstrol.

"Call Zuffa... call the NSAC. YOU do some work. I have more important things to do."

With all the contradictions in the latest version of events you are offering, I figured you would want to get online and tell the fans who actually pay attention to what is going on what happened and explain why so many things don't match up, just in case Sylvia really was innocent this whole time. Like I said, the steroid part doesn't really bother me that much since I am well aware of how widespread it is in this sport, but the outright lying part did bother me. I was wanting to know why Tim said what he did, but I guess this is "too much work" for you to actually talk to your fighter about an interview he did you supposedly have never seen or read.

"Bottom line, Tim passed his test and is eligible to fight on June 19. If you don't like it, don't watch it... makes no difference to me."

Another bottom line is Tim has failed one steroid test in the past and as a consequence was suspended from fighting and stripped of his belt. He was also scheduled to fight for the heavyweight title last Friday, but because of steroid testing that supposedly doesn't matter, he did not compete. Sylvia also claimed in an interview that he did not take a test prior to the UFC when these rumors first circulated.

All of this added together raises some serious issues, but I think the way Sylvia and Monte have responded to these charges demonstrate how innocent they really are more than anything.

"You know, I've heard some lame shit on this forum before, but striker18's thinly vieled attack on Tim Sylvia's reputation is about as low as it can get."


Sylvia has tested positive once for steroids, took another test that did not result in him competing Friday night even though he was scheduled to, and claimed he never took a steroid test prior to the UFC. And you think I am as low as it can get for wondering why there are so many contradictions in the story?

Stop being so gullible. I know you really want to believe none of this ever happened, but think for yourself.

"Look, Tim admitted that he fucked up the first time - he even gave up the title on his own accord. Give the guy a fucking break - it's not like he punched the ref or anything."

I don't care about the steroid testing, I care about the lying. He claimed he never took a steroid test before the UFC, which is simply not true. Then the Team Miletich fans and manager got online and started claiming that Tim "really meant" he didn't count any tests as really being a steroid test unless it happened after the UFC. Apparently, the reasoning for this was that the only way he could be punished would be from a postfight test result, despite the prefight test leading to his not competing in a scheduled event.

Yeah, I am definitely the bad guy here.

And bringing up what Phil Baroni did has absolutely nothing to do with the argument other than showing how desperate you are to change the actual facts. If it were up to me, Baroni would have been banned at least a year.

Since Monte asked ME to do some research, I checked out what the site who broke this whole story had to say. Here is what was up on the blog today:

"A doctor based out of Nevada has sent us the following commentary regarding the announcement that Tim Sylvia's manager Monte Cox made about the Sylvia's latest steroid controversy:

"First off, Monte Cox is wrong about the numbers, Tim Sylvia didn't have '.00000000064'.

The .00000000064 figure Cox gives translates to 640 pg/ml, which is below the NSAC threshold for testing positive. Tim actually had 64 ng/ml, which has 2 less zeroes in it than 640 pg/ml.

He's correct about the stanozolol metabolites crystalizing in adipose tissue, as injectable stanozolol is in crystal form, and if it accumulates in adipose tissue it would crystalize. But I've never heard of someone testing positive nine months after their last use (Sylvia claims to have not used since two months before fighting Gan McGee on September 26th).

In my professional opinion the numbers don't seem to add up, but to be truthful I also have no problem if an athlete uses performance enhancing drugs. Below are two quotes I've included from experts in the field of steroid use" -Doctor in Vegas

"Oral AAS, such as Anavar, Winstrol (tablets), and Dianabol, are usually undetectable 3 to 4 days of after cessation. Injectable steroids usually have a much longer detection interval. Metabolites of nandrolone have been found in the urine of some athletes after 2 years it was reportedly last used. Stanozolol (Winstrol-V) has been detected in the urine of an athlete 4 months after cessation of its injection" -Dr. Mauro DiPasquale, 1992a

"Since Ben Johnson's unfortunate demise, stanazolol (Winstrol) has shot to the top of the rankings with track athletes. Much like the previously mentioned items, stanazolol became popular due to its fast clearance time and not necessarily because of its effectiveness. But that was when the old GCMS detection system was still in place. Athletes could stay on the drug right up to a few days before testing. When Ben stepped out on the track, little did he know the significance of the new GC-HRMS system and its ability to detect stanazolol metabolites up to 14 weeks out! In fact, the new system caught many athletes with their pants down. None of mine were caught, though!" -Brian Batcheldor"

You know why noone should feel bad for Sylvia? Because he cheated and brought this mess onto himself. Thats the chance one takes when they use steroids and get caught. Do I think he deserves another chance and is a great fighter? Sure. But do not feel bad for him, he brought this crap on himself.


xshanex, thanks. I wasn't trying to attack anyone at all, I seriously just wanted to know what the hell happened and if there was an explanation. I actually like Sylvia and definitely enjoyed watching him knock people out in the UFC. I know he has done steroids, as probably 90% of the UFC and Pride fighters have, so that isn't what bothers me. I just don't like how these things don't add up, how Sylvia acted in his interview denying he took a test and appearing to lie, and now how Monte is acting when asked to explain these issues.

I really hated that we didn't get to see the planned main event last Friday, but what is done is done. If some of the UGers on this forum are getting upset at me for asking some pretty basic questions, I don't know what they will do if this sport ever gets mainstream where the reporters will be 100 times worse on a regular basis.