Sylvia to leave UFC



Best news all year!

the UFC should just close the division forever.

they've never had a good HW division and it seems they never will.

He's had a good run.

There is no one left for him to fight in the UFC anyway, and he'll never be champ again so he might as well leave.

"the UFC should just close the division forever."

Yeah, that's a GREAT idea!

Losing Sylvia hurts the UFC it doesn't Help. He is easily one of the top 2 HWT fighters in the division and the division now sucks even worse.

Svlvia/Fedor or Sylvia/Barnett would be great to see.

"Yeah, that's a GREAT idea!"

seriously, after Vera/Werdum

and Winner/Nogueira (which could just be a rematch for Werdum anyway)

are there any fights left that are even remotely interesting?

if the UFC isn't willing to sign the top HWs and instead tries to give us Brock Freakin Lesnar.

the division is just a waste of time.

I assume we will hear Dana tell us how bad and overrated Sylvia was now?

Damn, you beat me to it. I just posted this on the other thread.

They should have Randy v Tim for the right to fight Fedor. Loser retires. Or fight for the right to party, either one. LOL.

They need to invest more on the future talents. Bring in more guys like Cain Velasquez and Shane Carwin and built them up gradually. Many of the top heavies in the whole world are getting too old. We need some fresh meat.

Sylvia was boring as hell. He didn't come across as likeable after his wins or losses(most recently by disrespecting Nog after losing to him). I for one and glad to see him leave. Don't let the cage door hit you in the fat ass on the way out Tim! The UFC will be a more exciting place without you.

Former cheater that took part in some of the most boring matches in UFC history.

He also comes off as a complete knob.

I won't miss him at all.

I think they're banking on some of their lower, paid up and coming, prospects to add to the division. I agree that heavyweight is in need of new faces. I still, however, see it as a negative that Sylvia is leaving.


nah, nah, nah, hey, hey, goodbye.

Tim who?

I seriously wish him the nest, but won't miss him either.

IF Sylvia could fight Fedor it could actually work out really well for the UFC. He'd be worth throwing at him in an attempt to discredit Fedor, and if he lost then it wouldnt matter too much since both UFC champs have wins over him.

Timmy likes the $. When he has two or three fights fall through with other orgs he'll be back with his tail between his legs.

Add to that the fact that he will notice himself VERY quickly fading into obscurity.

No way Fedor fights Tim anywhere else.