Sylvia vs Carwin?

Anybody else like this fight? Sylvia's been hounding the ufc for a fight. Give him a chance. He's a former champ. If he loses you can cut him. It might be interesting.

Carwin would put him in the morgue.

Would love to see this fight. Phone Post

No Phone Post

Yup. Put it on the undercard of the JDS/Reem VS Abe Wagner card. Phone Post

Sylvia vs Carwin = 1st mma death. Phone Post

 make it happen

 I like Tim as much as the next guy, but when are people finally going to realize beyond the UG there is no interest whatsoever in Tim returning to the UFC, and given that the Zuffa brass have already said repeatedly he won't be coming back, he won't BE coming back.

No matter how many Tim vs threads get made, it aint happenin'. I don't mean to be a negative nancy, but people here seem to believe if the UG wills it enough they can make anything happen, even when it defies the very conventions of how Zuffa does business.

 I will watch...

But I will watch anything.

Carwin puts him away in 1 round Phone Post

Infamous Ed - Carwin puts him away in 1 round Phone Post

Lol Tim and the glass chin Phone Post

no way...shane deserves a top notch opponent after going the distance in that number 1 contender fight vs JDS. tim would be a giant step back

 MAD INSULTED?!  Are you retarded?  Oh an 11er.  my bad.  I understand now.  11er gonna 11?   Or is that just for 10ers?

If Randy can drop Sylvia, Carwin would literally be-head him. I'd rather see Sylvia vs Mitrione....or Kongo, that beefs been going on for years. Phone Post

LOL, Carwin is terribly overrated. Who has he beat to warrant this type of hype?

People always talk about Carwin's wrestling but when has he ever displayed that supposed amazing wrestling ability?

I don't like Tim Sylvia at all but I think this is a tough match up for Carwin if Sylvia shows up in shape. Hell, I'd put my money on Sylvia winning a boring 3 round jabfest.

 I'm all for Tim getting another fight in the UFC, but are you really wanting to feed him to Carwin??

It would be a good tune-up fight for Carwin and another big KO victory.  There is no way Tim Sylvia could beat Carwin in my opinion.

The Carwin fan in me wants to see this fight, the side of me that wants to see Sylvia do decently again in the UFC is terrified of it.

I like this fight. It might also serve to end the Sylvia madness seizing this board.

Like everyone else; I see Carwin taking Sylvia's head off early in R1.

I think giving Shane the Sylvia fight would technically be a step back, seeing as Tim's form hasn't been top level recently, and it would be his UFC return. Shane deserves to be fighting fellow contenders,

But, as I have said before; I'd like to see Tim given at least 1 more chance

 round 1- Carwin by tko

rest of rounds -anything else I see Sylvia turning it around and winning

Styles make fights and Sylvia can win it specially since Carwin hasnt won in years and Idk how hes still top 5

speaking of carwin, anyone know what his situation is? whens he getting back?

 Shane dropped 2 in a row and is probably rusty, he needs a fight like this. Tim might win if he gets it to round 2