Sylvia vs. Gonzaga

It looks like this fight is scheduled for march 3rd (UFC 68). Here's the explanation from mmaweekly:

"Note: Tim Sylvia's opponent was originally scheduled to be Brandon Vera, but Vera was unable to come to terms with Zuffa on a multi-fight contract extension in time for this bout, and Vera is not going to get a title shot with only one fight remaining on his UFC contract."

Still, I do expect Vera to eventually come to terms with Zuffa soon. Also, I expect Sylvia to dominate Gonzaga (probably by first or second round KO).

btw, UFC 68 is looking pretty good- even with a weak main event:

UFC 68: MARCH 3, 2007 IN COLUMBUS, OHIO (Nationwide Arena)

-Tim Sylvia vs. Gabriel Gonzaga

-Matt Hughes vs. Chris Lytle

-Rich Franklin vs. Jason MacDonald

-Jon Fitch vs. Luigi Fioravanti

-Karo Parisyan vs. TBA

-Mike Swick vs. TBA

-Assuerio Silva vs. TBA

I will be at this show, can't wait for march

Pre tickets sale this sat

Napao by RNC

I'll be watching to see how easily Matt gets the takedown. Serra had a hard time getting it with Lytle. I'm looking forward to seeing how far Chris' defense has improved.

i honestly think gonzaga has a good chance in this fight

"Hughes vs. Lytle
So disappointing."

Why? I actually like this matchup. Lytle is no bum, but he's not a huge threat, either. He's a great choice.

hilarious. the guy goes from the undercard into a main event. that division is worse off than i thought.

I really like MacDonal and think he has the tools to become a great fighter but I really don't think he's ready for the likes of fighters liek Franklin yet.

"six attempts"?

Funny... I counted one attempt in which he S-mounted and took his time...