sylvia will be ufc champ as long

as he wants with the state of the ufc heavyweight division.

i mean who can beat 6'8 and 265 lbs of the maineiac?

brandon vera i think is too small

kongo was exposed

mir's career is prob shot

arlovski has lost 2-3 vs tim

and sorry but i think monsons gettin ktfo

what other ufc heavyweights can even challenge sylvia?

and i said ufc dont say fedor, buentello, cro cop etc...

Vera can and will beat sylvia if they fight.

When Arlovski has his shit together, he can certainly beat Sylvia. He destroyed him easily the first time, lost the second one due to stupidity (should have followed him to the ground right away when he knocked him down), and the last one was basically a draw although Arlovski injured himself during the fight.

no, he won't, and sylvia will also manage to make him look bad enough that vera's bandwagon will almost completely empty, unfortunately.

"kongo was exposed"

His piss-poor ground game was exposed, but since when does Sylvia shoot for the ground & pound? The only thing Kongo's loss does is make it less likely that he'll face Big Tim, not that he'd be more likely to lose to him.

You think that Sylvia can do to Kongo what Marrero did to him?

Vera is actually pretty good. i don't care how big his bandwagon is
because that don't mean shit.

Vera may not easily beat Tim, but Vera will most defenitley beat Tim when they fight. Should be right after Vera defeats Mir. Hopefully at UFC 67 or 68 we'll see that match-up happen. If Tim can get by Moson.

considering his losses in the ufc were by submission i figure he's been exposed and does not fair well against ground fighters.

But can Vera beat Monson?

i like vera and still think he prob will get ktfo

and tim will kill mir

kongo would fall like a big tree from getting ktfo

"BJ Penn should fight sylvia just for the heck of it, because he's fought in every single other weight division possible. Might as well try Heavy weight too."

Only if he fights Anderson Silva first.

He'll be champ as long as Fedor is not fighting in the UFC

With the UFC heavyweight division in the piss poor shape it's in, I couldn't really give a shit who has the belt because right now it isn't even worth the price of materials it took to make it.

Sylvia needs to watch / train with Chuck a while to perfect the stuff. Do
this and Tim will be champ for a long time.

"Only if he fights Anderson Silva first. "

I would actually be interested in seeing BJ vs. Anderson

With the current crop of UFC HWs, he might be in for a long run.

I still don't believe he's a better fighter than Andrei. Better coached, sure, but all he's proven against Andre is that he can capitolize on a mistake and/or stall out for a decision win (and hey more power to ya - that's on the UFC rules more than Tim or MFS or whatever).

Honestly Vera should be a 205. The only reason he's not is Dana/Zuffa pushed him up to heavy because that division is such a joke that they needed somebody exciting. They don't give a shit if they sandbag the kid's career or whatever (and to be fair he's risen to every challenge so far).

But that being said I honestly think a mid-tier Pride heavy like Coleman or Herring could beat Tim.

Much less HWs like Fedor, Nogi, CroCop, Aleks, Barnett...

Kongo was exposed but matchup wise its a bad fight for sylvia. Kongo is a much better striker than tim

i said UFC heavyweights btw

I agree except that Vera may well have a good shot. Besides that the UFC HW division is void of real contenders and that is rather sad based on who their champ is.

I would love to see the UFC arrange for their champ to fight Cro Cop. Then sign JLB to come KO Sylvia then they could have a shot at getting a win over a top pride HW in that match up. If JLB loses to Mirko they simple let another HW with a good ground game come in and beat him for the title.