Synching Outlook?

I need to be able to synch outlook calendars across a small workgroup. For example, if I add something to my calendar, I want to to automatically populate my co-workers calendars (all of the ones in the same "workgroup").

Any way to do this in Outlook/Exchange? If not, anyone know of any add in's for Outlook that will accomodate this?

Okay, this is kinda of tricky

You can't do that "simply" without having access to the account (there is a way, but you'd have to do it one by one)

The easiest way to do this is

Click on calender

Then click on new

Get the list of people you want to put on it, and it will send an email out

The only thing is, they have to press accept, otherwise, it won't go on the calender.

There's no way to automate that? I would have thought someone would have written a plug in for outlook or something...

I wouldn't think so because it would take some kind of permissions granted.

My managers at work kept on bitch about all my appointments and I set it up, where they could view my appointments and whatnot, but, I physically had to go into a part of outlook where I allowed them too.

And when I saw it on my managers computer, I only saw that you could do this to one at a time.

Here are some tips:

Good link, thanks Bobby!

My pleasure.

I have had this same question for a while. If you find a good solution, please share it with us! I am going to review that site as soon as I have a chance.

Best of luck!

You can share your own calendar/a group calendar, or you can send them invitations that will automatically add the meeting to their calendar when they click on accept