Syndicating blog to social networks

This had been doing my head in & ive found a solution. I tried a million different ways & as good as Tweetdeck is, my focus is my blog, not social networks (BTW, HootThis looks more promising than Tweetdeck but doesnt currently syndicate from self hosted blogs).

OnlyWire was promising but i didnt like its share options after posts, so i use Twitterfeed to feed twitter from my blog RSS then PingFM feeds my social network accounts. Thats it. No cost either.

Blogs are the backbone of my internet business but social networks are the easiest markets to target. BTW, heres a link of all the social networks, i filter them by members so i know which account to get next, if i feel the need:

After my posts, i currently use Sharedaddy to allow users to share my posts on their networks... but im currently looking for a new option. For the record, my website is (im currently debugging it)

For the record, I settled on the "Sociable" plugin after i deleted Sharedaddy. I compared it to addtoany, addthis & sharethis...

Interesting, thanks for sharing