System performance software?

Hey guys,
My computer has been acting up for quite some time.
I thought a virus and got Norton virus scan. However, it still keep coming up with different fatal exceptions and errors, but they are not always the same error. Is there a good free software to download which would check and correct this, or if not, what is the best software to purchase and correct these errors? Thanks!!

Not Sure...TTT

install adaware and avg virus checker. These two programs combined together are excellent. Also, install some sort of firewall to protect your pc against attacks.

The first time I ran adaware(i noticed a huge slowdown in my system as well) I found over 300 files that were infected.

most viruses are made to penetrate norton because it's the most popular and widely used. Before running avg I ran norton and found no viruses. Right afterwards i ran avg and found 2 right away.

kanotoa is CORRECT

Nobody asked him how hot his processor is running?

To save time and effort, posts requesting help with computer problems should include:
-The specific problem or error message you are having;
-The type of computer you are using, what components it has, what operating system you are running, and what software you are using;
-What you think happened to cause the problem.

what is your OS? what is your hardware?

many of us used to work help desk, so by now, we're pretty short with problems that we have to dive into.

you can always reboot. kano is correct.


How can you tell how hot the processor is running?
I run windows 98, the computer is a 4 gig, 300 mhz, so not the most smoking thing out there, but for most purposes, it works for me. Whrere do you get this adaware, and avg virus checker? Expensive?? Thx!!

my motherboard cd comes with its own temp, fan and other stuff checker.