T.K. submiision book

I found this book, and wondering if TK has a different style of
grappling compared to BJJ?

Yes. He is a submission wrestler. He is not a BJJ guy. Simple, right?

Wasn't it obvious in the book?

You can't judge a book by it's cover:

I saw a book in the bookstore by Royler Gracie, it said "Brazilian Jiujitsu" on the cover, but on the inside it was full of wrestling and shooto moves., and just a couple of BJJ moves.

That's like buying a cookbook about Thai food, but inside there are mostly korean dishes.

I learned my lesson Coach!
Found the book on ebay. Couldn't really look inside.
Sorry if you had a bad day, week, or life.
Laren, I'm just trying not to waste my money on a book that I could
buy anywhere. No reason to come back with such an angry response. I
do this because I'm having fun. I hope you are to?

It wasn't an angry response! Don't you know light-hearted sarcasm when you read it?!!!

Anyway, I thought it was a good point about the Gracie book.


and no book is a waste of money. Well most books aren't.

I haven't seen the TK book, but I read a post somewhere about it and they said it was good. I think it is hard to find, it is in Japanese.

You can give up on Nakamura's shooto book, I've been looking for it for years and years.