T.O Boxing clubs

bigstar is correct.

Where is Atlas located? I've heard of it before?

Also, what about the one at Don Mills and Shepard?

Where exactly is the national gym on keele and 7 located? anyone have an address and phone number, i would like to check it out


so many of the clubs that truthurts has mentioned
have either closed down, merged, or moved.

unitas (old newsboys) is no longer.

sully's in no longer @ 53 fraser, it is one street
n of bloor, running w off of landsdowne ave, above
a garage (the same location as the old lansdowne
boxing club).

champions and jamestown clubs in brampton have
merged. they are on torbram as you mentioned, not
bramalea rd as i mentioned earlier.

spartans is no longer.

mcewans in brampton? everton mcewan helps to run
sullys in toronto. i have never heard of him having
a club in brampton. i could be wrong though.

what about shamrocks in niagara falls, they're not
on that list? billy irwin and mike strange are
from there.

motor city in oshawa, ask mackdaddyflex about that
club, he trains there. good trainers there, rob
and adrian.

all the 'executive' boxing clubs in toronto are not
really boxing clubs as such. they have heavy bags,
and the one on danforth ave may have a ring, but
the rest are just places to go and hit the bags.

k.o. king is no more.

atlas is a good one, it's in the west end. tom
'the bomb' glesby used to train there, as well as
lennox lewis before he left for britain.

Otsuka - i have that info about the club up in
north west scarborough. i don't actually know it's
exact location, but if you email me, i can give
you a contact name. waynefj22@hotmail.com