T.O. Out for playoffs.

From NBC News:

Eagles' Owens Needs Surgery, Out Of NFC Playoffs
BREAKING NEWS: Eagles star receiver Terrell Owens is out of the NFC playoffs, said the Eagles on Monday afternoon, but he may have a chance to play in the Super Bowl if the Birds can get to Jacksonville.

There is no God.

Ouch. Sha na na na.

All right, I'm rationalizing now.

The NFC is so horrid that the Eagles still could make it out without him.


Fuck fuck fuck.




Bye TO!

I wish they'd stop showing the clip of that tackle. The way his ankle bends gives me the willies.

This sucks. I was hoping that he'd play in the postseason, and fall flat on his loudmouthed, arrogant face.

Now, the Eagles and their whiny fans have a ready-made excuse to lose in the playoffs.

It is always a shame when a selfless, humble player gets injured.

but still, who's gonna beat the Eagles? Falcons is my best guess....

Atlanta, Green Bay, Minnesota, and whoever gets the other WC (Carolina?) are all capable. Half of the Eagles' passing game is on the shelf. Their new #2 receiver is the guy Michael Irvin calls "the worst starting wideout in the NFL, Todd Stinkston". Their run defense tends to disappear at times.

Whoever wins the sad NFC West will probably go out in the first round anyways.

Bye Bye Super Bowl for the Eagles!



It ain't over yet.

The NFC is so awful that the Eagles can still make it.

Cousin Eddie is correct in his evaluation of the other teams, and of the Eagles weaknesses. It will not be a cakewalk by any stretch of the imagination.

However, T.O. was only the third worst player they could have lost. With McNabb and Westbrook, they are still the best team in the NFC, although by a significantly slimmer margin.

looks like a pittsburgh carolina or pittsburgh arizona super bowl!!

funnything TARDASS commentators on last nites monday nite football talking as if the Eagles have earned and locked the Superbowl !!

like MADDEN and his doofus sidekick acted as if Philly is the ONLY team in NFL all the sudden and as if it meant 'no Eagles = no Super bowl' or some shit!!

gimme a freakin break will u -we been hearing all this toting n BSing about Philly 3 damn years straight and they aint never done jack shit. Its getting old N stale real fast its almost a joke to even hear the mention of Philly n superbowl in the same sentence.

it is a very happy day in Dallas Texas. We derailed the Beagles hopes of a world title by breaking that disrespectful assholes leg and ended his season, hopefulyl carear. I wonder if the eagles fans are chearing now the way they did when michael irvin went down in their stadium. I only wish he had destroyed the knee as well, then I would really be happy. Wonder if he'll ever get a chance to celebrate on the star again. Got what he had coming.

They seriously have NOBODY to throw to now. NOBODY. Todd "the pussy" Pinkston, (my best friend is a die hard Eagle fan and he even says Pinkston is a pussy) and Freddie Mitchell? No running game. They are fucked.


Bottom line - Defenses will be focusing on stopping the run, so Westbrook will find yardage very hard to come by
I don't know about that. Losing a stud like T.O. hurts them more than people are letting on.

No question. It's a huge loss. Huge.

Defenses have been geared to stop T.O., which obviously forces them to let up on the running game

The Eagles don't really run much, with or without T.O. That won't change without Owens...it's just not something Andy likes to do. Westbrook is more of a catch-the-ball-in-the-flat type of back. I expect to see him lined up as a wider receiver quite a bit.

303 is right, they don't have a serious threat other than Owens. We've seen what Pinkston is made of, and Chad Lewis isn't a top notch tight end that can carry a game like a Gates or a Gonzo or a Heap. Freddie Mitchell? Nope.

Pinkston's shying away from contact is inexcusable, and makes me furious. However, he does add value to the team. Hopefully, Freddy will take advantage of his increased opportunities. As for Lewis, he's not the #1 T.E. on the Eagles. Smith will have a huge role.

Bottom line: If the Eagles were in the AFC, this injury would be fatal. The NFC is so weak that I still think they are the favorite to survive. Not by much, though.

As I said on the OG: If the Eagles pull off the miracle, and win the Superbowl, I will post pictures of myself naked drunk and happy in the middle of Philadelphia.

That should get everyone cheering for them.
They will struggle the rest of the season ( starting with this week against St Louis)

I expect the Eagles will lose the next two games. They have nothing to play for, whereas the Rams are fighting for a playoff spot. Andy has already said that he plans on playing subs a lot.

lol at todd Stinkston, thats catchy. perfectly describes him.