T.O.P. Top Army Fighter on TV

ARMY MMA Series on Military Channel April 14th

Previews look pretty dang good!!


TTT for the soldiers

wait... some iron ring BET nuthugger must come on here and say its racist.

Then we will really know how good it is


What I want to see is if the zuffa ratbags dare demean this show. That hate all that is non-zuffa. Let's see if they have the raisins (that would be what they have: raisins) to spit on the military.

TTT for Tim Kennedy


I thought they'd be a little more support for our soldiers?

TTT for the Fort bragg combatives team/team roc- fayetteville

ttt for all my Army buddies in Iraq.

Can't Wait for Jamie Walker to get back.


TTT for Combatives


ttt, there will be some awesome fights on this I promise you




Hey Matt, This is Jeremiah. If you have off, come check out my show on the 12th. Keith is bringing one of his guys.

hell yeah more events on TV baby!!

Wendes. I watched MMA from 6 -11 pm .... none stop before work. We need a pure fight sport or mma network.. Id watch it 24/7

Awesome stuff. Had some friends in it this year. They are supposed to play it on AFN sometime soon so I can watch it here in Iraq.