T Shirts Sizes the World Over

I was thinking of buying some training gear from MMAGear.com. Rash shirt and TShirt sizes seem to only go to XL, though.

It seems to me that, if they sell Gis in A5, then they would sell shirtsthat big, too.

Does anyone who has ordered from there know whether the Brazilian XL is equivalent to the Australian XL, or is it bigger?

And, yes, I've contacted them, but haven't got a response.

It is not the same size.I ordered a xl t shirt and it was to small for me.I am around 92 kilos.U have to get XXL to be safe.

OK, I guess I'm not getting any from there, then. I'm 130kg. I don't think a XXL will cut it. Not that I saw any there, anyway.

Thanks for saving me some trouble.

Anyone know a good place that has gear for abominations like me?

I feel your pain Chris, I usually have my gear made at a tent factory.
Ps. Good luck in January.

And to you, sir. I think I'll need the most, though.

Better get me to that tent factory. Then, at least I'll be well dressed