T.U.F.F.S. needs your support

As some of you know, T.U.F.F.S. recently suffered a total server meltdown. If you were a member previously we need you to get back to the site and re-register (I know it's a pain in the ass) If you weren't a member before, maybe you thought about joining, but you were afraid what people would say, maybe you didn't have the time, or maybe you were just too much of a a pussy, take a minute and join now. We could really use the support-plus we'll be doing some free drawings in the near future and you have to be a member to participate.

Just ask Kmac-recent winner of a Rampage Jackson autographed poster

Kmac -"sweet"

So join now, join often and get your friends, relatives and pets to join too

Did I mention T.U.F.F.S.is the home of the UFFL-a killer MMA fantasy league?

Thanks in advance for your help and support : )

Go Sanchez!


Of course it's "fo Realz" - we have absolutely no shame when it comes to promotion-now join the site. You with your 19000 posts-don't you think the UG has had just about enough of you anyway? Holy crap! Do you pay rent? Cause you must live here dude!


TUF Noob extravaganza!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lmao yeah man! you got that "fo rite" :P



Signed back up.

i'm back on

great place to escape the trolls on the UG

I'll sign back up....I missed my old account. I actually beat people on the Betting thingy. sucks. guess i'll have to beat them all again.

bring it!

nice thanks!

If you haven't seen the new forums yet check it out


ttt for T.U.F.F.S.

having issues trying to register, i dont see the letters i am supposed to type

are you using explorer or firefox?


have now tried in explorer and netscape as well, I still cant see any image, I guess I will try again later...

site has been redone...check it out