T.U.F. was great

Thought I'd put in my 2 cents, this is what we've all been waiting for, a show on free TV and everyone should be behind it. Great show!!!!!!!!!!


Chris Nelson


I thought it was good as well. Some of the fighters are obviously hand picked for TV purposes but you need something like that to give life and drama into the show.

I loved it, of course MMA.TV is full of malcontents and people who aren't happy unless they are ripping someone/thing apart. That being said it was great, and I appreciate the effort all involved put in.

There was some shit I didn't like. The house shit, mainly. But, it IS a reality show, so it was expected.

Overall, I liked it. I think the show will only get better, and I look forward to watching every week.

Hey Chris is making his bed, soon he'll have to lay in it. Then we will see if he rises to the top or sinks. He also said "to me, I'm the best fighter in the world". All he did was state his opinion which no doubt is part of his self marketing plan.

I thought it was a great show overall.

My only criticism though is that one of the goals was supposedly to show that fighters are educated, normal, everyday type people, rather than a bunch of barbaric and sadistic animals.  Pissing or "spritzing" on someone's bed does NOT demonstrate education or sophistication.  I have to wonder how many people - potential women in particular - turned the channel and decided that fighters are still pretty barbaric after all.  I would have edited that scene out for a first-day showing.  If it had happened four or five shows in after everyone had time to make positive first impressions on the viewers, it wouldn't have looked so bad.  I've been a hardcore fan since UFC 1, and I thought it was bullshit.  My wife is also a hardcore fan, and she was so disgusted that she DID leave the room as though a commerical had just come on.  She enjoyed the rest of the show, but agreed that most women would have stopped watching altogether unless they were already fans of the sport (as she is).

Big positives on the rest of the show, however.  Now I just hope that they get around to explaining the different facets of the training in future episodes, to help "educate" the new viewers as to what MMA is really all about.  Of the 4 training stations - boxing, grappling, Muay Thai, and treadmill - I doubt that most people came into the show, or left the show, with any more of an idea of what grappling and Muay Thai really are, or how they factor into MMA competition.

Bobby Southworth comes across as an educated, everyday type of guy with a lot of heart and charisma. He's certainly seems like a quality guy.

Bonnar, Griffin, Florian, Sanchez, Rafferty and most of the others all seem like good guys chasing a dream. Its clear how they want it, but won't disrespect each other. I like that.

I hope Thacker improves because I have images of him just getting stomped into the mat next show.