t-wolves will win, i'm 100% sure

sorry, not even the forum jinx can stop the timberwolves. they are just that much better than sac. go t-wolves!

"they are just that much better than sac."

I think they'll probably win, but if you believe that then you should get to the nearest rehab center immediately. :)

Is bobby jackson back and playing in game 7?

I think game 7 lays completely on webber's shoulders. If he's on, they win, if he's off, they go home.

Then I guess we go home, cause Bobby's out.

I don't know man, webber has been disgustingly inconsistent but when he's on, he's really on and he has been picking his game up lately. I'm thinkin this may very well be the best game in the playoffs this year. Can't wait!

I don't see him being the factor, I'm relying on the Yugo's more than Webber. :)

I'm relying on the Yugo's more than Webber.Ok Lucy, splain to this rook who or what the yugo's are

The Yugo's are Peja Stojakovic and Vlade Divac, two members of the World Champion Yugoslavian team that won the basketball world championships a couple of years ago. They beat out teams with players like Ginobili, and the USA team that had plenty of NBA players and an NBA coach on it. If someone could track down the roster for USA that year it'd be cool of you. If not, I ain't trippin, my boys got their gold. :)........

oh shit lol, I can't believe I couldn't figure that one out, what a retard.I think these are the us and yugo teams you are talkin about...

FUCK YEAH DUDE!!!! Thanks, where/how'd you find those??

Wow, that USA team is nowhere near any Dream team I seen but it's a pretty damn talented team when you look at it. Those five Yugo's from the NBA are all quite solid though. :)

no problemo bro, the full roster ishere. It's actually pretty cool to see who was playing on all the foreign teams and see how they fared.And what the fuck do they put in the yugoslovian water that makes those guys shoot lights out so damn often?

Slight rule differences, and soft Euro defense. lol, I'm joking about the defense part, I'd have no clue on that.

again??? It went to OT in 7 games last time. lol, I do agree that the Kings will lose if they make it there, and I'll still blame Webber. :)

I hope the T-Wolves win....Who really wants too see the Kings loose to the Lakers again in the playoff's


Sorry, what I really meant was FUCK ALL A YALL!!!!!!!!!! lol