Taboo on fx any good

Gonna start it when my wife gets home. Hoping its decent. I cant watch season 1 of true detective again

I really enjoyed the first episode. Gonna watch the second one tonight

Loving it. EP2 went some interesting directions.

Is it a horror show.i couldn't trek from the ads and I don't wanna Google and spoil it

They allude to some voodoo shit in his past but nothing crazy yet. Only 2 EPS in, they are still building the world and establishing backstories for the characters.

It's got a dark vibe. You'll like it

First episode is badass. 

ep 3 good

My guess is Tom Hardy is a werewolf

Great mini series so far

It's great. Think "there will be blood" set in 19th century England 

So good. May have the potential to be a top tier show.

I'm liking it so far.