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Tachi Palace Fights story

 Great story about the Tachi Palace Fights promotoion. Some of their recent fighter signings and up coming shows.

check it out


Most mixed martial arts promotions either fall into the "big league" category - such as the UFC, WEC or Strikeforce - or the "minor league" category, which feature only local fighters who compete more for the love of the sport rather than in hopes of making a career out of it.

However, at least one promotion, Tachi Palace Fights - based out of the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino in Lemoore, Calif. - seems to have found a niche in between the UFC and the local promotions. It's a promotion where you can not only see tomorrow's stars today, but where you can see fighters who were in the major leagues work their way back up to the big shows.

"A lot of promotions want to lock down undeveloped talent for six to 10 fights or have former UFC guys under contract for three to five fights," said Jeremy Luchau, the Entertainment Coordinator for the Tachi Palace Hotel and Casino. "We're here to develop guys and send them on to the next level. We're not the UFC or Strikeforce, but we can do what we do really well. We can show former UFC, WEC and other guys fight their way back up and see some of the other fighters improve and work their way up to that next level."


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