Tacoma fights?

Any results yet? From tonight I mean.


Hallmen wins Triangle choke round 1.

I thought there were at least a couple other fights?

ttt how did the cannon do?

Great job Dennis. Woohoo represent the Yelm.

Congrats Dennis!!!

Yelm rules!!!

The Cannon lost in the 1st round by verbal submission (I think it was a v.s.).

Matt Horwich won by rear naked choke.
John Gunderson got choked.
Enoch Wilson won by verbal sub.
Chris Wilson won by rnc (I think)

Congrat's Chris!!!

The Cannon was doing well in the stand up portion, but when it hit the ground, there was a little trouble, The cannon got hit with a huge elbow that cut his ear and it started bleeding, when the Cannon asked the ref is it a bad cut? the ref stepped in and stopped it, Rich G is a tough fighter and it was a good win for him. No hanging the head on this one. It could of went eiter way...
all of the fights were great! TTT for Tacoma Dome

Way to go Chris Wilson. Fight4Real knows how to!

Congrats Horwich and Hallman too. Who were Gunderson and Enoch's oponents?

Woe Shannon you fought Rich Guerin? He is way to big for you man! I know Rich well he is a one of the kindest guys I know he and his wife and children.

Small world man but either way im happy nobody got a serious injury. No shame in losing to either guy congrats Shannon on your fight bro.

Your friend,


Adam, Yeah I was able to talk with Rich after the fight., you are correct one of the nicest guys out there. He is a true class act in and out of the ring. He was really good and the guy was strong. He just landed a really nice elbow, it took me right out of my game. Again congrats to Rich...the Hallman camp it tough!

Shannon "The Cannon"