Tactical Athlete Pull-Up System

Anyone know anything about this? Give me some feed back. I am returning something to Dragon Door and trying to think of a replacement item.




Not sure if you mean the actual system or just the instructional DVD that goes with it.

I do not have the actual system so I cant really comment on that. From what I have seen it looks like a well put together piece of equipment, however its biggest selling point is portability. There are far less expensive solutions for pullups (as you know) if the ability to move the system isn't a key requirement.

Regarding the DVD:

I like Martone. I have met him once in person and he is a knowledgeable and likeable guy, however, for someone like you, I couldn't wholeheartedly recommend this DVD because it's very basic in its material. The DVD just demonstrates some pullup variations, pullovers, and then shows some circuits where you integrate your pullups with bodyweight exercises and kettlebell exercises.



Hi Andy,

thanks for the feed back.


yeah Taku I agree w/Andy...

My brother ordered it a few years ago and sent it back.
What are your thoughts on Dragondoor in general?

I have to say, I've never really liked anything they put out, and I've seen a lot of it...at least Pavel's stuff.


My experience with Dragon Door mirrors your own. I have returned several of there items and probably sold-traded-given away the rest.

Not too impressed with Pavels stuff.

I read his original three books and feel I have learned just about everything he has to offer (in the written realm) from them.

All of his stuff is over priced and under nourished.


Definitely over-priced. Suffers fron semi-TRS marketing, probably the creation of John Ducane, the qi-gong guy. It seems like he is the owner of the corp. and brought in Pavel cause he saw the $$$ potential. This is all just my speculation from what little I've seen from them. I bought a couple of kettlebells from them and I have a couple of Pavel's

I'll get ahold of my buddy who is a cert. KB instructor and ask him to post about the T.A.P.S.


I was curious about the DVD, not the actual pull-up device.


Taku, go to Tacticalathlete.com
That is Martone's site. He or his wife Maureen can help you with anything regarding Jeff's products.

I was at the Feb. 2002 RKC. I regularly use KB's, CB's, and bands on a group of Pro Athlete's. They all love them and feel bad that they were forced into the poorly instructed, "get into the gym and lift" mentality that eventually injured them. They are all in better shape now according to them.

Jeff Martone knows his stuff. DD is overpriced, but I enjoy the material of Pavel, Martone, Cotter, Mahler, and Maxwell. Not too many internet warriors are cranking out reps with a 105 kettlebell. Mike Mahler (who manhandles the 105) is a great guy, great trainer, and good business man. He may better communicate to your particular tastes.--Tom Furman