Tactical Weapon Control in Decatur


Just wanted to take the opportunity to inform you all that our team just finished a 3 day tactical weapon control course with Sean Mulligan. The time also allowed us to "TCMS-ize" the use of the collapsible baton-which was absolutely incredible. Although I was exposed to working with sean at the PDR camp in new york, I never had a chance to experience him as a solo trainer. I was blown away by Sean's style, his professionalism, his understanding of the material and his overall integrity. He is a true warrior and our team is greatly appreciative to Blauer Tactical for the time to experience this material.



Good to see you posting and GREAT to hear your team had the chance to work with Sean 1 on 1. Sean LIVES the material and it's always a pleasure spending time with him inside the training hall and out. Sean is a great guy and a true 'substance matters' trainer.

I'm very proud of the integrity the Macon County Team shows by continuing to improve your skills. Your community is lucky to have you!

Send my best hoilday wishes to your whole team!


I would also like to thank Sean for all his hard work and dedication to the training. The training was outstanding. Thanks again.

P.S. Phil, Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Pat Berter

I would also like to thank Sean and BTCMS for the great info and training. It was a great experience for me and our Team. Sean is a great Coach and it was a pleasure working with him.

Once again thanks Sean and if you ever need anyone to go through a door with you just call!!!


Thanks for the kind words...alot of the energy for this session was brought by you guys. It was great to work with a group who were already familiar with the system and open to try new evolutions based on old and familiar fundamentals.

Look forward to working with y'all again soon.


Great feedback....

Truthfully, at all our courses our training teams gives 100% and
our drills and info are always 'alive' and tailored to the class, whats
makes a class 'special', then, as Sean aptly pointed out are the
students and their energy.

You guys were primed for this experience.