Tactics you don't see but...

...wonder why you haven't? An example...

Let's say there's a very good base-stealer on first, no outs. The current batter is a poor base runner and not a threat to steal. First pitch, he pops up in the infield and the short stop catches it. Why not drop the ball on purpose and throw the runner out at second? You basically replace a good baserunner with a bad one, and there's almost no risk. Why don't we see teams do this? Any other tactics like this you can think of?

You don't see that type of scenario too often because the batter will often be called out on the infield fly rule.

I was at a Reds/Astros game a few years ago when Sean Casey purposely dropped a liner with a runner on 1st to start the double play. I've seen Bagwell, Helton, and Rolen all make similar plays.

saw Delgado did that to Beltran last year. Soft liner and Beltran never ran, he just let it drop and turned 2. Pretty embarassing for the hitter.

yeah the risk is greater than the reward