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We will be opening a training camp in New Orleans, La. in mid February and would like to know what are the weekly cost for training camps around the United States.Bill Aparecido, a Gracie/Barra Blackbelt from Rio de Janeiro will be instucting all the ground technique including Brazilian JiuJitSu and Vale Tudo and Joe Ancona, former profesional boxer and Kickboxing champion will be coaching the stand up game of Boxing and Muay Thai. Please forward all names of the camps and the weekly rates and all other pertinent info.The training camp can house 6 fighters and has full locker and shower facilities with a common kitchen;added amenities include: spa, weights, cardio stations, tanning beds, 3 separate training areas; one with 1500 sq ft of swain mats, 2 other areas with 2 boxing rings, speed bags, heavybags and double end balls.It also has a health smart restaurant down below the gym.We will be happy to help those interested find work locally in the area. For more info contact anconasgym@aol.com or call 504-888-6451.



does anyone out there have info on this

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I talked to Pat Militich the other day guys and got that info already, but do any of you have any info on other camps around the USA?


Team Quest put on a camp last summer. I forget how much it was. Check their web site it might be there

Why dont you say please instead of demanding.........Or somebody is going to train you.....

Have skip call me but no problem!!

I remember team quest week camp to be around $1000, I
could be wrong but I think it was something like that.
I was a lot of one on one training.

What did Pat say his cost would be? I would think he
needs to start charging all, due to the fact he has put
a lot on the line for his new gym.

Give me more examples from other gyms!!!


When I went to JRobinson's 21 day intensive camp, in Iowa 18
years ago, it was close to a $1,000. It included room and board,
and 21 days of getting your ass kicked by the likes of Royce Alger,
Kevin Jackson, Ricco Chipperelle(sp), and the camp favorite Matt
Furey. There were so many more there...Mark Johnson, Duane
Goldman, National and state champs, the 15 mile fuc&1ng run
after two weeks.

Was it worth it, yes, I went from a Sophmore with a 12-5 record to
a Junior with a 35-3 record and I can tell you both the change in
my wrestling stlye and my work ethic to this day are a direct result
of the two months I spent at that camp.

I went back the next summer and was 37-3. I slacked off....