taining in BJJ?

Let me first say hi to everyone that is on the UG, My question is for Bjj guys that have been training for awhile.. I need ur advise.. I have always wanted to train sport BJJ and I am currently looking into several schools..one is the new breed academy under John Ouano/John Ramirez under R Medeiros and the other is a 3rd degree bb Mauricio " Tinguinha" Mariano under Carlos Gracie Jr. Mauricio's school is more expensive but my question is because new breed teachers are new BB's should I go with the more experienced teacher in mauricio or does it matter? Also I live in the los angeles area so if u know any other schools to check out pls let me know, I thank every1 for ur advice...

check them all out and see which one is a good fit for you. They should both let you "try before you buy" - one of the biggest things to look for is not only the teacher, but the students in the school as well. Most of the time, you will be learning with the guy you are training with, so find a good group of guys who will make your game better faster.

mchapman is 100% correct.

My own opinion of New Breed is that it is a great place to train.


You can't go wrong there.

Gracie Barra Lake Forrest