Tait didn't follow the game plan

...and that's why he didn't finish the fight.

While I'm glad the Oregon boy Josh Haynes moved on, I think the decision should've gone to Tait.

That said, if Tait had kept taking the fight to the ground, a sub was guaranteed. Josh was the smaller fighter and he was gassed. Tait should've been getting the double leg at will.

Tait didn't listen to Ken when he repeatedly told him to leg-sweep Josh. I don't know why he didn't press to take Josh to the ground. Tait seemed too content to stand in the clinch with him.

Josh opened himself up to so many subs it was ridiculous. He was caught numerous times, and escaped on pure will. But, the odds were in Tait's favor, and it was only a matter of time before Josh was submitted.

If only Tait had given himself the time...

Yeah, Tait simply failed to execute. I don't recall seeing him even try to hook a leg and take Josh down. IMHO, it's no surprise the judges (who normal judge boxing) wnet in Josh's favor. Plus the whole thing about his kid almost had me in tears. I really wanted to see him win.

dude when Dana siad Tait was horrible at standup I was expecting a Pe De Pano type showing, but I actually think Tiat did great standup. He was landing some devestating knees and threw some good punches. I thought he won the fight but like Tait said decisions are just someones opinion. I would have liked a rnd 3

Hell....tAit coulda just kept on pullin' guard over and over and making Josh fight out of it and either totally gassed him or subbed him.