Tait Fletcher

Thanks Bro! and congrats!


if a TUF'r would be so kind

.... Don't hate Tait cuz you ain't Tait ...

Taint Feltcher

Have not herd that name since 2006

Many old school fans know him as an MMA fighter and O.G. from 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu, in addition to as a founding member of DEATHSQUAD, or perhaps stories popularized by his pal Joe Rogan.

But I know him as A UG'r.

Looking at that IMDB, that stuff is pretty cool. Dude got to work on some awesome movies and TV shows.

I remember being somewhat annoyed by him on TUF and he got a little silly on here (like a lot of people) but I am actually happy to see the guy is doing some cool stuff. Congrats man.

His performance as the Yellow Bastard in Sin City was great.


taint Phone Post 3.0

thanks KidJustice

He's just turned that mental corner. Phone Post