Tait Fletcher

A while back I asked people to make sure Tait saw a particular thread of mine. So now I'm asking you to make sure he sees this one.

I haven't been on here much lately, so I don't know what the current status quo is, nor could I really care. This place can be great for networking, making contacts, and keeping up to date on mma news. It's also good for creating rivalries apparently.

I had some harsh things to say about Tait's decision in the TUF3 show, which only spurred on the negative vibe he was getting from some people at the time. Anyway it wasn't my place to put Tait down for his decision, and I regret some of the words that came from me.

That post wasn't an attempt at talking shit, it was just miscalculated, and if it caused any shit for anyone that really sucks and I feel bad. Not that this is an excuse, but I honestly thought it would end there without many seeing it. As it turned out, I would be wrong about that. And the reason I'm posting this thread now isn't just because I feel bad about it, but because I feel it's the right thing to do.

So this is my apology to Tait Fletcher, and while I'm at it I should apologize to Scott Epstein, who I actually ended up liking due to that thread anyway, and also an apology to Ring Girl and a couple other fighters I may have given a bad name to through my words.

Some things have happened recently in my life to make me realize that life is way too short to hold onto grudges and shit, so this is to let you know that I don't have a grudge against any of those people.

Whatever Tait chooses to do with this is up to him, but it's my honest attempt at saying sorry.

I'm sorry Tait.

Whatever Tait chooses to do with his life is up to him !

That is very True. Good for you Geese for at least getting it off your back.

Dude, you can't let a TV show ruin your life. STOP watching reality TV it is bad for YOU.

is this considered the reach around?.

I am sick of hearing about tait!
Didn't y'all hear that he isn't even fighting anymore???

Let me guess Tait showed up at your school and now you cant feel safe going back until you make this thread?

Geese is to cool for school!

smac1 has it correct. How's it going, anyway, smac?

Look guys this isn't meant to be some up-to-date info thread, it's just what it is: an apology. Even if I was the type of guy to be intimidated by someone, I don't think Tait is the type of guy to bother with that. So no, this isn't some quivering teary-eyed apology or anything else, but just an honest grown-up apology.

As I said, some things have happened to give me a wake up call. Life is too short to hold onto things.

Things are good... shoot me a note at if you get a chance.

Cool will do man.

'For future reference a more effective appology thread would be:

Hey Tait, I'm sorry. '

...Yeah you know that actually makes sense.

Also, "My Bad" seems to patch things up rather nicely.

lol info what's up man. How's van city?

"And the reason I'm posting this thread now isn't just because I feel bad about it, but because I feel it's the right thing to do."

LOL. Which of the twelve steps it this?