Taiwan must stand?

Tibet is gone. Hong Kong is all but subsumed… is Taiwan the line? Is there a line?

Tough situation. Western governments have create Asian trade pacts where the interests of foreign investors have legal protections that cannot be made public.

Ni hao ma?

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No it will not. We will not war with China over taiwan.

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Chinas move into the Arctic and Yellow Sea… African and the Middle East?

I drove by that Chinese consulate last weekend and there was a protest about “Iran not for sale”

In hadn’t heard that aspect before.

Not to mention the current Canadian issue of Canada based Hong Kong and Taiwan supporters receiving death threats. The early stages are here…

The United States deep state has already given China the victory, these are the laps creating stories for future nations. It is a sad thing to watch.
People seem to forget that things like “the hack” occurred; that was a reminder to whose in charge.
The “Christmas Bombing”. Yeah, no. Reminder.
Notice, Trump conceded and saved face, he didn’t have to, unless he was convinced that the swamp he was in was more like someone else’s America.
On Christmas he was reminded, in the heart of Nashville.

There is no “America” anymore. Turn on the news, notice the focus being aggravation rather than truth. It is complete control of a populace; the U.S. will either become China’s 3rd world enforcer or be destroyed.
We’d been warning about societal degradation for years, knowing what was on the horizon.
Well, here we are; divided we fall.




Taiwan is actually the mother “continent” and ancestors to all Polynesians from like 10,000 years ago. Ethnic Chinese only flooded into Taiwan in the modern era, post WW2, fleeing the communists. China has NO FUCKING business wanting to take Taiwan. They need to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.


that history is a good point… Tibet has similar origins

I used to worry about Taiwan. Now the only thing I’m worried about is the destruction of the US happening before our very eyes by the left.


yeah… Canada walking that road

Polynesians from Taiwan…

Maori from NZ…



Mainland Han Chinese…

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Moke is correct. Historically there is no right to Taiwan whatsoever.

But might makes right, it has nothing to do with morality.
China would claim Mars at this point, in fact I think they did.

Taiwan had already been Sinicized by the 19th century under the Qing. By the time of the Japanese conquest, only a small percentage of the population was indegenious. The Republic of China, officially even if they don’t like to bring it up anymore, still claims to be the legitimate government of China as a whole.

Things have improved by leaps and bounds since the time of the White Terror, but not many people are making an argument for Taiwanese independence based on Formosan self-determination.


Iran slapped a price tag on its ass and China whipped out their credit card. I wouldn’t blame Beijing for that.

Hitler couldn’t manage an amphibious invasion of Britain. China won’t manage an amphibious invasion of Taiwan.

In fact only one country has ever managed an opposed amphibious invasion. Several in a row, in fact.

Para troops can raid, but they’re too light to take & hold. They can be reinforced by heavy air lift, but that requires total air superiority.

It is in Japan’s long term best interest that Taiwan never fall the the ChiComs. Too many ChiComs still remember Nan King for the Japanese to let that happen.


Lucky we have honest Joe protecting the world from China’s evil machinations. Fuck, we’re lost as hell.

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Yeah I don’t know any of that background. I just happen to pass the Chinese consulate a lot.

The problem I see is governments and companies selling countries and tax payers out to foreign governments, so they can personally profit.

We had millions of Chinese crime $ run through our casinos, housing market and businesses. The government knew it was dirty and illegal, shut down the investigations and facilitated it.

Wait I thought the deep state were war mongers? You ctards need to get your stories straight.

Hitler didn’t have years to plan for it. It was at best an afterthought.

Plus they don’t have to invade. They can blockade Taiwan and slowly strangle them.