Takada or Joe Silva as matchmaker

Starting, PRIDE FC 26 Nobuhiko Takada has been the match maker, he has done a good job, but some of the fights that he puts together are huge mismatches.

Joe Silva on that other hand he tries his best to put evenly matched fights.

Joe Silva is way better than Takada.He has great matches and Takada puts some of the worst looking matches I have seen in Pride.The last couple of shows other than the GP have been bad except for Pride 25 which he wasn't in charge of.He is a bad matchmaker and Silva has had amazing matches and is doing a great job.


I don't watch Pride, but there is something to be said for giving guys a few easier fights once in a while.

For example, the UFC is sitting on a bunch of very exciting young fighters in the 170 pound division who are just coming off losses to very tough opponents. I'm thinking of Diaz, St. Pierre, and Verissimo.

In my opinion, the thing to do is give all three easier fights against other up and comers, just to develop their highlight reel a little (or introduce another up and comer if there is an upset). Then you book them in a tough match a little later.

I guess the problem is that with 6 events a year and only 8 fights per event, there just aren't enough fights to do that.

Silva does always put tough fighters against each other, but sometimes it's good to give them a few easier fights.