Take a pay cut to get into a happier position?

I know these threads have been done before, but would you take a pay cut to get into a less stressful position at your work? I know we are raised to try to make the most money, buy the nicest shit, etc. Now I do OK for myself, I have a decent savings account, a nice place to live, I can go on vacation anytime I want. BUT even after all of this, I'm not happy at my current position.

It's a high stress, big OT position. I know most people would love to jump on something like this, but I feel almost like I'm trapped by the people who run the show. So I have an opportunity to take a lesser paying position (around 8K) to pretty much do my own thing and control my life. Thoughts? Phone Post 3.0

Your Happiness is more important than money.

As a general rule, taking a pay-cut for a better position is great.  Just watch out that the pay cut will not make you stress out about being able to pay the bills.  Then all you have done is swapped one type of stress for another.

Subbed. Going through a similar situation. Phone Post 3.0

I've done this before, in my case it worked out. And the timing of it all was perfect. I ended up making more than I lost after only a few months at the new job. The biggest thing you need to do is take stock of everything in your life and how it will be affected both negative and positive. You need to be sure this isn't a case of "the grass is greener on the other side".

We all reach that point and we think, if only this happened I'd be happier. This isn't always the case, honestly in most cases it's the opposite, then comes regret you can't shake. Take a deep look first at why you think something new would make you happier, then see if there are new ways to do what you're currently doing to make where you are better. Try to improve where you're already at first, make suggestions, show motivation and the desire to improve. if they don't take notice, don't make changes or the changes don't end up making a difference then you know you've truly done all you can and then make your change. And you will do so with a clear mind, no regret and you'll motivated by more than just a desire to be happier, you'll be motivated to succeed and make up for lost time. Phone Post 3.0

In short, I believe it's worth it. The highest-paying position I ever had was at a company with about 30 employees. During the 12 months I was there, 11 people quit and 2 were fired. One day the owner of the company got inches from my face and cussed me out on the production floor; I could literally see strands of saliva hanging off his teeth. This is in addition to the daily tirades he'd go on over the stupidest shit: "CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHY THE INTERN IS BUTTONING UP THE TOP BUTTON ON HIS SHIRT? WHAT'S IT GOING TO TAKE TO MAKE SURE THAT THIS SHIT NEVER FUCKING HAPPENS AGAIN?????

I dreaded going to work every day. The fact that it was a an hour commute each way only made it more miserable. As soon as I got another job offer, I took it. Was about $7K less. I did have to cut back on things like entertainment, clothes, etc. but the reduction in stress was worth it.

If you make solid money and it would only be a $7k pay reduction then i would absolutely do it!

No question.

Unless the pay cut is enough to put you in a position where you can't pay your bills or drastically reduces your ability to live the life you enjoy living it shouldn't even be an issue.

I'd take 45K a year with a job I love over 70K a year with a job I hate...I wouldn't even think twice about it.

My happiness is worth a lot more than 8k a year. It doesn't sound like you are very materialistic so the change in pay will be easy to stomach. Do it.

I left a sales career 3 years ago that paid me well. I traveled and worked a good schedule. I was also patently miserable. I lived with the constant threat of being fired if I had a few bad month's and worked in an industry that was confrontational at all times. I also worked for an owner who only cared about you in the respect you could make him money.

I finally had enough and decided, with the support of family, to try something completely different. I went into manufacturing as an hourly worker. The idea of punching a clock, paying the bills, and being home while I navigated my next move appealed to me.

I have a bachelors degree and a masters degree in administration. I figured I could do something with it but, lo and behold, I started to really enjoy the company I was with and the people I worked for. I actually started looking forward to going to work. I was making half of what I had made before and frankly never really thought about it. We had tightened our belts and were doing okay. My kids started telling me right away how happy they were I was home and how nice it was to have me in a good mood.

Within two months I was promoted. My companies HR person saw my LinkedIn profile and my education and background. I took the position and now, a year and a half later, I am back to my previous salary levels and happy as can be.

I found out the hard way that, when you chase paychecks, it is never good enough. You are always looking for the next "better" opportunity. When you chase personal satisfaction your analysis of what you have changes drastically and life gets a lot easier.

I'm dealing with a similar situation. Whether to take a promotion (about $10k raise). The promotion would initially be an off shift doing a much worse job than in doing now. Now I work day shift with weekends off and I make more money than I ever have.

Eventually, after taking the promotion id move on to a good job and be making great money but initially it might not be worth it at this time.

It's really just a leap of faith, or a risk/reward senario. At this time, I'm staying out and staying happy.

Ambition gets us sometimes. Phone Post 3.0

That's only 5K after taxes. Unless you are working minimum wage, that's peanuts. Easy decision to focus on happiness.

alley - That's only 5K after taxes. Unless you are working minimum wage, that's peanuts. Easy decision to focus on happiness.
$5k after taxes the first year. With my job there are steps. I have to take the $5k/year promotion to get the $8k /year promotion.

Could be a substantial amount of money after 20 years. Not to mention rank has its privileges.

There are pros and cons and it's a tough decision weighing ambition with current happiness. Throw a family in the mix and it gets even tougher. Phone Post 3.0