Take my mats away!!!

My training equipment is looking for a good home. I live in a tiny closet in Bellevue and i need a good home for my equipment.

Adoptive parents must be free of ring worm, and respectful of equipment. and i need visitation rights.

i have 10 foot squared fold out mats, a gravity inversion table(to hang upside down on and stretch your spine), a 120 pound heavybag made in a russian Gulag.

medicine ball, focus mitts, thai pads, all kinds of boxing padding and even replica guns and rubber nunchakus. a tiny tv for training videos.

If you have room for this stuff send me an email. The catch being that i'd like to have access to train with the equipment as well. that's the trade i'd like to make as i have no money to contribute.

i'm hoping to find a forum member near bellevue, i guess i could make the long trek to seattle or auburn if it were a good home for my babies.

My email is johnnykage@johnnykage.com

Is this stuff still available?

johnny, did you used to live in Toronto? Who are u training with now?

email me

powerhockey17 you have mail.

98 poundweakling...they are still available.....email me at johnnykage@johnnykage.com and we can work out custody for my babies.

Johnny I plan on moving up there next year. Where in Bellevue are you

shoot me an email and let me know how you are doing.