Take the Grim Reaper Tattoo in to account

 I enjoyed the TUF: LIVE format and thought the fights were good

that being said , I think that was the highlight of the night for me!

 that was funny!

hearing the fighters & DFW talk was funny as fuck!

That was pretty funny. Phone Post

hilarious moment.

Although, "I've worked my butt off for my family!" wins line of the night

I wish they would have cranked up the mics for those three. There was some funny stuff said, but it was heard to hear. When it's 150 minutes you need to fill the time with some funny commentary IMO. Great show overall IMO.

 I thought the exchange between Faber and Dana was funny

Dana said something like "These corner men you guys brought in suck. They aren't even telling the fighters how much time is left in the round"

and Faber responds with something along the lines of  "Before you start talking crap about my cornermen, why don't you get some clocks in here, baldie"

Mocking homie for living with moms with cruel and hilarious.