Takedown Schools in Dfw area

Does anyone know of any good takedown schools in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

terrible, absolutely terrible

not sure if this is even close, but i here some Yousef guy in Texas (not sure if in DFW area, i'm in NY) is a sick wrestler and a nasty bjj instructor ( i think a black belt under carlos machado... not sure).


Yousef used to instruct at the school I train at and is top notch. Allen Mohler promoted him to Black Belt last December.

By far....the best take-downs in Texas!!! Even the top BJJ guys come to Yousef for their takedowns.

In that area you can NOT GO WRONG with Yousef, 13 years on the Iranian nation team, has been the texas freestyle champ like the last 4 years or something. Sambo champ and just took silver at the Pan AM's had to drop out of the finals due to a knee injury he had suffered like a week before.

Lot's of bjj black belts have taken take down lessons from Yousef, including Carlos.

Anyone know what his rates are?




check out his web site and contact him