Takedowns against wall?

What takedowns could one use when the opponent is pressed up against a wall (or a cage, as this is MMA.tv). And what about if you found yourself up
against a wall?

i think chip archived a thread about this very topic. check the saved threads.

no shame

Yup, noshame wrote up a thread on this that I archived - I think it's called "Takedown against fence/ropes."

As far as what to do if YOUR back is against a wall or fence or whatever, I worked out this summer with a guy training for an NHB fight, and this is something we drilled a few times, did some live situations (i.e. sparring), etc. (we were not striking, however).

Situation: you are in over/unders (pummeling position) with your opponent, who has your back pressed against the wall. Let's say your overhooking with your left arm, head same side as overhook, underhooking w/ right hand. Your opponent is has the same over/under postion on you.

Short description: you're going to quickly circle out, bringing your opponent into the wall, even slamming him into it, if possible (sort of reversing the position), then take his legs out from under him.

Long description: circle your feet quickly to your left, your underhooked arm snaps his upper body into the wall (hand is on the back of his shoulder or lat). As your circling him into the wall, your body is moving away from the wall, but at the same time, your weight is leaning him into the wall.

As you are circling, you're lowering your level somewhat, so that you are in a mid/high level shot position - shoulder in his gut, pinning him against the wall (driving into him hard with your legs here). Reach down and get your hands on the back of his knees (tendons), then violently snap his legs back and up while you take a quick step backwards.

His upper body slides down so that he is on his back/shoulders ideally (but possibly sitting on his butt more realistically) but remember to keep the pressure into him once he's on the ground - keeping him crammed into the wall to limit his mobility. At ALL TIMES during this tactic you are keeping constant pressure on him to keep him against the wall.

Now that he's down (you still haven't released pressure!) you put your knee in his gut, chest, or groin if you can, and proceed to GnP the ever-loving shit out of him.

Again, we sparred this situation "grappling only" but it seemed to work pretty well. Bonus - the harder you could torque the guy into the wall, the better chance of banging his face/head into it to cause some nice, er, collateral damage before bringing him down to the ground.

Drill it/spar it a few times and see how it works out for you.

No shame - I'd like to get your perspective on this. Have you ever done anything like this or think it would be effective? It seemed pretty effective in our workouts.

Chip, that's exactly how you should be working it.

your key, if he's pushing you against the fence is to pummel into underhooks (best case), push your hips away from the wall (just a little bit), quickly drive back toward the wall so there's a little space between your body and his shoulder. Now shrug him up so you're about chest to chest (instead of his shoulder in your chest); this takes the pressure off of you so you can work on turning his back to the wall.

you can drill that part back and forth very easily.

As for the takedown: instead of pulling straight back on his legs, try to pull them to the side so you drop into side mount instead of guard. you can still go knee into belly from here.

obviously, there's nothing wrong with being in his guard, crushing him against the fence, and beating him to a pulp (just ask Tito), but if I get an opportunity to beat him down and I'm outside of his guard, I'd rather.

no shame

Ahhh, very good stuff. That all makes sense, especially the part about pulling the legs to the side.

Thanks Jerry!