takedowns from the knees?

does anyone know of any instructionals ,preferrably dvd,that show takedowns etc when starting from your knees? thanks for any help.

sumi-gaeshi works good for me.


its not on dvd, but it gets rave reviews.


bounce,i saw that too,seemed kinda steep for one vid
but i may have to spring for it.

anybody else??????????????

Instead of using a kicking motion, place your foot in
his groin.



I recommend you wait until you purchase this because Roy Harris usually has some great sales going on throughout the year. During sales you should be able to pick it up for $19.99. All of his tapes are TOP NOTCH.

I know this isn't quite what you want to hear, but...

Personally I don't see the point on working for takedowns from your knees. You end up with 2 guys pushing each other around for five minutes when you could be sparring. Either work from standing or if you have a preferance for working from the top that class then just ask if you can work on your top game.

Anything else seems pointless, takedowns from your knees very very rarely are used in competition or in the streets so why bother with them?

Seems like an ego thing to me, or that your bottom game needs work so you want to make sure you go on top so that you "win" your sparring.

The Roy Harris tape is phenomenal. It covers a series of 4 driving forwards, 4 driving backwards, 4 off of a 2-on-1, 4 beginning with a snapdown, and 2 when your partner puts one foot up.

Counters are shown to the first series, as well as a series of counters to get the viewer thinking about where to go with their counters. Roy grapples with a number of his students at the end, which includes all kinds of great footage.

A lot of these takedowns are moves that you can use at other times during a match. If you watch the tape you'll see what I mean. It rocks! (It's one of my favorite Roy Harris tapes.)


estanmiko, i agree with you. honestly i hate starting from the knees but it's a way of practice. i personaly like to start from a bad position & work my way out. ex. turtled, pined, 1/2 guard, open guard or inside the guard

for the sumigaeshi which makes a good sweep from the bottom as well, this is how i do it. i'm a right so

-i'll grip my opponents left lapel or further down his back with my right hand. my left hand grabs his left sleeve(2 grips on one of his sides).

you have to kind of sucker him into passing you on your right as soon as i see him moving i stick my right leg either on his crotch(not the nuts) or in between his right knees

my right hand pulls, my left arm pulls across my body(picture those exercise springs where you pull them apart, works for me)

kick your leg really high i try to focus ending up in the mount. hope this helps you out.

another cheap one is if your opponent is on one knee & the other one up, push him to were his knee is down & keep circleing. you should end up in kesa gatame

Buy Roy's tape.


I agree with estanmilko. Wanna work your takedowns start standing, if your starting kneeling odds are your doing short (5 or 6 min.) rotations, you might as well not waste half of that time fighting for top position.

I worked out with a DI wrestler though, when he came to BJJ class he could take anyone down from knees cause he would just dive under you and he was so superior wrestling no one could stop him from getting a leg or a peek out...

But its not just about starting from your knees. These situations can come about from the guard. Also, when you escape a position to your knees you will find yourself in positions where you need to execute takedowns.

Yes when you escape to your knees you'll need to take people down but it won't be in the same situation as when you start sparring from your knees.

I used to really hate takedowns from knees (still do). Some of these guys will just stand up, most will stall and because my standup takedown game consists of a lot of movement and gripfighting, I can't bring most of that to my knee game. I used to think one guy should just have to decency to pull guard and the other guy should have the decency not to stand up out of it when he does it.

All that said, though, my opinion started to change when I read Roy Harris describing his personal game as something like: takedown from knees, side control, kimura. In particular, Roy said that when he has guard in competition, he will try to get to his knees and do a takedown instead of trying for a guard sweep.

So- I've been trying to work on my takedown from knees. I've had the Harris tape of knee takedowns for a long time but for some reason none of the material works for me (I think I'm just too small). I have been working on some other stuff though... For a smaller guy to be effective from knees, he's got to be really mobile even from a kneeling position and/or know how to play from a seated guard (e.g. Marcello Garcia).

If you watch Rickson grapple from his guard, he also gets on his knees and attempts takedowns.

But doesn't that sound like Roy has limited his options now to takedowns rather than sweeps and has also limited the amount of time he spends practicing guard passing? If you always avoid the guard totally when you start from the knees by going for takedowns, isn't that going to handicap you?

also be careful when you drop to your knees for a take down. instead of sprawling all the way back, most judo guys would go for a sumi gashei,uchimata or o-soto(my favorite) which will leave you & your leg in a very bad spot. possibly even pop your knee out.

starting from the knees in sparring is worthless. That said, there are times when you need to know what to do when you are on your knees (not that, romo), like when you get to your knees to prevent your guard from being passed, so a tape like Roy's could be very useful.

Again however, maybe it's just me, but when I go to my knees to prevent a pass or to escape side control, it's closer to turtling facing my opponent than kneeling like we're just starting sparring.

I normally just pull guard at the moment or allow my opponent to pull guard. What is the use in taking him down and starting from side control? I just removed a whole area of practice! If I want to work my side control I find a newbie or I just ask!

"But doesn't that sound like Roy has limited his options now to takedowns rather than sweeps and has also limited the amount of time he spends practicing guard passing? If you always avoid the guard totally when you start from the knees by going for takedowns, isn't that going to handicap you?"

I think you misunderstood.  Roy is not "limiting" his options - he can (and does) still sweep with the best of them!  By going to your knees (NOT turtleing!) it just gives you MORE options, it doesn't limit any.  You also find moments in a variety of matches where it comes in handy.  Also, some of the takedowns are actually sweep setups (the pulling back series) that can also be done with minimal modification from butterfly guard, as well.

From a perspective of teaching a total newbie, takedowns from knees cause a lot less injuries than rushing right into standing takedowns.  And, many of the principles to taking someone down while standing and taking someone down from the knees are the same.  So, it is not a total waste of time, 'cause they are still learning the mechanics that makes a takedown work to begin with.

Get the tape - it's good.