Taker after Summerslam

As noted yesterday, sources in Mexico reported that The Undertaker is scheduled for the upcoming WWE tour in Mexico from October 16-18. The tour will include shows in Merida on Friday, October 16th, Mexico City on October 17th and Monterrey on October 18th.

WWE today officially updated their live events section to include 'Taker for all three shows. As of this writing, they have not added 'Taker for any other live events or televised shows. Phone Post 3.0

I was hoping the content of the post would read "will retire"

Maybe Taker is doing a farewell tour then retire at WM. Guess he must be feeling good in his fifties. Phone Post 3.0

at least one of those has been rumored to be added as a network special.

This would certainly add to that rumor.

I would love to see a Taker house show on the Network. In fact, I think house shows should be on the Network, period. Maybe every other Saturday like Wrestling Challenge used to be. No need for multi-cam footage, just a hard camera and maybe a one floor man. Phone Post 3.0

yeah. The G-1 show last night was just one fixed hard camera and no commentary.

Not ideal, but it's fine for the hardcores that will watch either way.