Takimoto and Hector in training

on Pride's Japanese site: http://www.prideofficial.com/free/news/details.php?id=1149063824

Takimoto has always given me the vibe that he doesnt really want to be fighting MMA.

however i dont get that vibe from those pictures.

hell, watching takimoto in judo tournaments you cant help but have the feeling that he didnt want to be there either.

he just always has this look of supreme boredom and nonchalantness about him.

Amen to that, I saw him fight once after he had already won the olympics. he looked as if he could lay down and tap a nap while he was on-deck.

during the match, he looked like he didn't want to be there and only wanted to win if it was a beautiful throw for ippon. he threw this dude with an uchimata in the first round, holy sh*t! i thought the guy would never land.

its interesting because all those guys under Yoshida seem to love the sport.

you got Yoshida who even when getting kneed in the face by Silva looks like hes having the time of his life.

Nakamura who will probably be a Japanese MMA legend by the time he retires.

even Omigawa seems to be giving it a honest go.

bahaha.. in any case he's a real tough dude

" He has this "voice" section on his own website, and his comments are extremely boring, too. It is like "I went to the beach today. I had fun. That's it for today." "