taking a fibre suppliment?

Does anyone use products liek fybogel etc? I eat alot of high fibre foods but somedays i cant (get stuck at work or uni with bagels etc, no fruit) is it worth taking a suppliment? Its basically like eating bran yeh?

Does it help ure performance (and reduce reading time on the john?)




I take this stuff...


does it help ure athletic performance?

"does it help ure athletic performance? " no, it does help me poop better and keps my colon healthy... I have had three friends hospitalized with diverticulitus (sp) so I started taking fiber...

I take a heaping tablespoon of metamucil in a tall glass of water every day. It definitely increases my energy level. My MA instructor does the same thing, and his theory is that the body has to work to carry around and process waste, and anything that helps that process along reduces the work needed to do, therefore increasing your energy level.