Taking a risk but...

...here goes.

People seem to be talking about all the juicing / steroids abuse / PEDs

So I thought as my friend had been researching before and I have been researching this just as everyone was getting popped for PEDs - that I would post a very helpful website; to help people get a better understanding about PEDs if they aren't sure.

A few personal points I have.
1) Anything that is abused will be dangerous
2) Steroids aren't all bad.
3) The media will have you believe it's worse than what it is.
4) There are a variety of "steroid"
5) They amplify your personality as well as other areas.
6) Don't forget Cortisol is a steroid, Estrogen is a steroid... It's anabolic steroids that have the bad press.

Also, if you are unsure what a particular steroid does then search on this site.
http://www.steroid.com/ and they break it down for you.

Also for more information watch; Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

P.s. I am not trying to make out I know it all. Just hoping to help people see the truth a bit more clearly. As they get a worse press than needed. I also do not agree with people using peds in mma or any other sport where they physically hit someone. Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

I know you're being squeezed out of the UFC market but peddle that shit somewhere else.


I honestly have nothing to sell. Personally I don't use them, never have, never will. Will never sell them and will never tell anyone to take them or not. Phone Post 3.0