Taking being tased like a man.

Blue please help. This is how a man handles being tased! Phone Post 3.0

"I'll get you, bitch!"

Thanks snap VDU.

Did both probes pierce his skin? I am on a cell so I cannot tell. I did not see any involuntary muscle contractions.

Or, he could be on PCP. Phone Post 3.0

Dear lord did you see how tight her ass was clinched till the juice stopped.


When I was in high school my Dad had one of the handheld tasers. My friends thought it would be a good idea to try it, and try it we did, everyone tried it until we had to replace the batteries. I don't remember its output, but I'm sure it's no where near the power of what the cops have. Basically everyone reacted like the gif above with the girl and guy. We had so many lol's. I need to get another one!!! Phone Post 3.0

I won't even lick a 9volt battery let alone get tased. Fuckkkkkk that noise. Phone Post 3.0

IwonAllFiveRounds209What - 

The Newport 100 insulated him.

Truth, VTFU! Fuckin Science!

SnapLocally -

That was my favorite tase of all time! Phone Post 3.0

^deserved every volt

Someonestolemysocks - 
SnapLocally -

That was my favorite tase of all time! Phone Post 3.0

I dont know this one, back story?


What a fuckin dumb cunt. She did deserve every volt and more.

Snap, Ill vu tomorrow, got u once today my man.