Taking Care of your Training Equip

Hi everyone,

I got the idea here, of taking a clean sock, putting wood chips (cedar?) in the sock and then putting the sock in your boxing gloves. This is supposed to keep it clean?

Whatabout your handwraps? After class, they are pretty sweaty, do you all roll them up or just toss them in the bag?

The problem is, after class, its close to 2 hours for me to get home.



What do you do right after class?

Do you roll your handwraps up?


Hang them to dry when you get home...never let them get manky as they will stink like hell.

I usually spray a bit of rubbing alcohol on my gloves after training (outside) and a bit inside too. You should open them up a bit and let them dry as well.

Cool thread.

I have interviews with Arvantitis from the early 70s, one in BB, and one in inside karate. He talked about his lineage. I have got to look them up.

I usually fold them end over end, to keep them from wrinkling badly...then when I get home hang them up, or roll them if they are dry enough. When they get bad, I put them in a big knot and dump them in the washing machine. Hang them to dry, roll them...good as new.


pretty good idea about the cedar chips and gloves. you can find little desiccant (drying) bags at autostores which should work too. like those little car freshner products. in the end I just bought pairs of those glove dogs at ringside.

wraps I used info's suggestion of net bags and wash my wraps daily. after class I loosely bundle them up and just stuff right in the baggies and toss in the machine when get home.

if don't get the chance to wash them right away just drape over the shower rod and spray with Febreze to keep the stank away. They dry pretty quick like that and pretty flat too.

if you use those drying frames, don't put the wraps on too tight or they will loose elasticity.

oh yeah, don't wash wraps with white clothes (or use bleach products either) the first couple times! not color fast.

I put baby powder in my gloves after I use them.

You can buy at cool product called Glove Dogs at Revgear which is basically the cedar chip thing. They work very well.Mike