Taking down the big man

been having problems with my shot lately...probably cuz its been 10 years since I've practiced. In wrestling and fighting, you usually have weight classes but in practice you sometimes end up with a guy much larger than you. This is my case, I'm machine mays size (5'10 185) and I end up fighting this big cornfed muther 6'2, 250 or bigger (not in a ring..open area). I cant standup with guys that size for very long so I go for the shoot pretty quick. When you guys take down a guy bigger and stronger than you, how do you do it? I think my problem is that I've been going low to the legs instead of slipping in under some punches and taking the waist and going for a trip.
the takedown to the legs is hard because he knows that being smaller, I'm going to shoot. So I am thinking time his punches abit and slip in to his side or behind him, locking up his hips and working a trip or maybe a sacrifice. suggestions

"I think my problem is that I've been going low to the legs instead of slipping in under some punches and taking the waist and going for a trip."

just a guess, but i'd bet that you're actually "going low" to his hips or upper legs. remember, the power of his sprawl comes from his hips and he is MUCH bigger than you. on a guy our own size, we "should" be able to power through his hips if the shot is well set up and we execute correctly. with a larger opponent, it's just not wise to attack his hips. try ankle level shots that are properly set up. you'll probably have better luck.

"...taking the waist and going for a trip."

the last grappling tournament i went to (rumble in the park, greenville, nc) i was wrestling a 254 pound opponent (i weigh 210). i had a body lock and stepped to the side to wind him up for what should have been a bitchen throw. mt hips were lower than his as they should have been and i had a tight lock. everything was great.

unfortunately, i couldn't move the friggin behemoth and ended up getting hip-tossed! damn it all! sometimes, the in tight stuff isn't the best thing to go for against a big guy. speed and agility should be your weapons in this case. stick to the low, out from under shots.

no shame

I have rolled with Severn alot so I can relate...I'm 5'7'' 168.......One thing I learned from him is how to wrestle big guys.....Everytime I would shoot on him in the beginning he would sprawl and say "Thats alot of beef to be trying that quincy" and {SPLAT!!!} I would get pancaked to the mat and would have to recover...

Soon I learned that it was easier to bait him into a shot and use my speed to react in defense....and if I did get under him for a shot,to use a trip because a trip is powered by leverage as apposed to brute strength and explosiveness like finishing a lot of shots...

When you tie up with a big guy,grip is the key element..As long as you practice the pummel religously as you should,you should have the speed to beat him to grips,fire off your set-up or bait and throw off his game plan...

Ya cant lock horns like whitetails because he is the dominant buck,ya gotta dash out of the woods and spike him when he dosnt expect it:) Dominance in intelligence.One of my wrestling coachs use to say that..

don't get underneath, use your quickness,angles and motion.

I'll try to sucker him in more...I think I was just getting a bit anxious and shooting in too soon from the outside. I'm gonna wait till he's moving into me and try and get better penetration.

Quincy...that works good with Severn or other wrestlers who want to take you down. This guy isnt a wrestler and doesnt want to take me down, he'd rather stand and KO me.


You may want to try a "snatch" single (some call it a split leg single). Basically, you make your penetration step to about even with his toes on his lead leg, grab that knee with both hands-don't lock hands, just reach out & grab it. As soon as you grab the knee, take several small steps backwards while pulling & lifting his knee. Pinch his leg between yours & secure the leg elbow deep with the outside arm. There are a multitude of finished from the standing single leg position.

The big advantage to this attack is that you don't get underneath the man. Additionally, it is difficult for him to develop a wrestling defense if he is hopping forward & trying to keep his balance. Sometimes you'll find he will fall down immediately when you step back quickly. This is a wrestling move, don't know how well it would work in MMA ring, but I used it very effectively as a small heavyweight in high school & college.

good luck


Taking down bigger guys is all about motion and mis-direction. Be very physical and rough with them - clubbing his head with your fore-arm, snapping him, pushing/pulling, arm drags, etc. Getting into tie-ups isn't really the best idea. Use a "stick 'n move" type of wrestling.

Once you do shoot - it's all about scrambling and misdirection. Know in advance that he's going to sprawl a lot of weight on you. Change off quickly to the other side - for example: take a head inside shot toward one leg, as he starts to sprawl, you quickly change off to a peek-out on the opposite side. You DO NOT want to give him a chance to settle all of his weight on top.

Constant motion (lots of lateral motion) is very key both prior to, and during your attack. Speed and agility are your key weapons here, so use constant motion to open up angles, don't attack straight ahead.

P.S. - there is an archived thread called "Finish single after he sprawls?" which has a good single leg finish against a big guy sprawling on you. The basic idea behind it is scrambling out (i.e. getting an angle) from underneath his weight to finish up behind him.