Taking it to the rich people: Jogger shot, man rammed by car, two others fired at in Atlanta's wealthiest neighborhood

Dad-of-three, 41, is shot twice by mentally ill man while out jogging in Atlanta’s richest neighborhood Buckhead where residents are fighting for secession and their own police force amid crime explosion

  • Andrew Worrell, 41, was shot in leg and hip while on 3-mile run in Buckhead, Atlanta, Saturday morning
  • Good Samaritans stopped Worrell’s bleeding and called his wife, Anne
  • Short time later, two other joggers in the area reported being shot at from silver sedan, but they escaped unharmed
  • Three hours later, police say the same vehicle crashed into a man taking out the trash at apartment complex, pinning him between two cars
  • Police arrested 22-year-old Gaelen Newsom and charged him with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm
  • Attacks on joggers took place in Atlanta’s wealthiest neighborhood, which has been making a push to form its own police force and secede from the city

I’m baffled why there’s so much crime in Atlanta , I just can’t put my finger on it


Were Buckhead to secede, it would cripple Atlanta. Less than 25% of the population generates over 50% of the revenue for the city.


Those same white supremacists that are also attacking Asians.


fucking blame whitey

as usual

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It’s not loading for me…

Is it the supremacists again?! Please Biden! Rid of us of these terrorists!

buckheads a shithole. richest neighborhood? not from what i saw. Sandy springs is much much nicer

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Mentally Ill*

Diagnosed immediately after his first felony arrest.


We all know of it was a black guy the cops would have shot him!

This is an ugly one from Canada today.

I’m not doing the Pedro " everybody is violent" shit or talking about what’s proportionate.

It would just be nice if all the extreme psychos, on all sides, would chill the fuck out and leave people alone

I was here this morning when this happened.

The city is freaking out about it.

Is this a hate crime?

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Somehow its trumps and straight white man’s fault. I just know itm


Buckhead isn’t the suburbs. It’s part of the city. I moved from Atlanta 20 years ago. My relatives that still live there tell me Buckhead has really gotten dangerous over the last couple of years. In my 20’s that was the place to go to be in you were young and single

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Edited the title to reflect that it’s not the suburbs.

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Yeah, i thought that was very interesting.

No details on the “mental illness” he had or any indication of why they would say it, but they wanted SOMETHING to release immediately…

"City officials have opposed the idea to separate the wealthy, largely white neighborhood from the rest of Atlanta, which is predominantly black, arguing it would siphon away much of the city’s tax base and, in turn, its budget.

According to data analysis done by Atlanta Journal Constitution in April, if Buckhead were to secede, it would remove 41 per cent, or $14billion, of the assessed value of Atlanta’s property, and eviscerate its budget.

Buckhead’s population is 73.5 per cent white and 23.9 per cent black. This compares to the wider Atlanta population which is 50.7 per cent black and 38 per cent white, according to Data US.

…In terms of raw data, Atlanta had 57 murders, 302 shootings, 75 rapes, 298 robberies and 986 aggravated assaults.

Adjusting for population, a person living in Atlanta is more likely to be a victim of a serious crime, including murder and aggravated assault, than in Chicago, where crime rates are higher, reported"


Only thing I know about Buckhead is that I went to Atlanta to visit some friends in the late 90s and they took me down to buckhead one night. We went to a place called LuLu’s Bait Shack or something like that. Huge bar, multiple floors and they made these specialty drinks which were fishbowls made with grain alcohol.

Drank a whole one by myself and ended up getting thrown out as I tried to climb up on the roof overhang and a bouncer grabbed me off and literally carried me out of the place LOL.

Good times.


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Amazing that that will never call a crime that specifically targets white people, a hate crime.

The fucking DA in Boston recently suggested that a white, 19yr old, wearing a Kevin Garnet game jersey, should be charged with a hate crime for throwing a plastic water bottle at kyrie irving.

Fuck these liberals.