Taking it to the rich people: Jogger shot, man rammed by car, two others fired at in Atlanta's wealthiest neighborhood

How is it a hate crime, when he’s wearing a KG jersey???


If it was a Twolves jersey, the only person the perp hated was himself.

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Great another hate crime.

Well, they kind of asked for it.

Atlanta election results: Buckhead turned bluer in 2020 presidential vote (ajc.com)

From the article:

Meanwhile, the city’s traditionally conservative Buckhead area also saw a rise in voter registrations, with nearly 60% of voters in the Buckhead-area precincts casting ballots for Biden. In 2016, about 51% of voters in those same precincts chose Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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He is a victim…not the actual victim…the other guy

First thought seeing the mugshot; Nike will probably give the guy an endorsement deal.


Nice find.

Be careful what you wish for…

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Yep, I can picture these people, sitting in their McMansions, virtue signaling with their Biden and BLM signs, thinking they’re safe. What happens in the inner city won’t reach us. We’re safe.

Not so fast. The virus known as liberalism will spread. If people insist on learning the hard way, so be it.


Guaranteed they will vote in even more liberal shit bags, then complain more about the rising crime and blame it on Trump’s divisive rhetoric

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They should be first on the chopping block.

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Sandy springs is nicer but it’s not really in Atlanta. There’s a good reason they were fighting to keep that marta station out of Lenox.

Well now. This is definitely NOT the reason white gentrification happens in cities.

Jogger on jogger crime

Too much disrespecting I think

being the richest shithole community in a city of shitholes doesnt make you any less a shithole

i lived in alpharhetta which is a burb of atl and it was supposed to be one of the best places. a bunch of pro ball players lived there. this was 2002. buckhead had already turned to shit. prior, it was the place everyone white clubbed because atl is pretty much all black. theres more black colleges than the rest of the country combined.

there was a og member who always talked it up and i went to bars on his say so. shit hole IMO. look up sandy springs

The DA is the biggest racist against whites there is. She’s a complete scumbag.

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But, but, but… white privilege.

There’s a big disconnect there with these people. I know a few very liberal women and they are big supporters of blm and defunding the police and for open borders. Thing is, when their shopping centers started getting more black and brown shoppers, they moved to a whiter, more upscale center. When they found out the high school they were sending their kids to were 50% black and brown, they moved so their kids could go to a better school(a 99% white school)…

It’s almost comical