Taking liberals to shoot guns

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Those dudes are the biggest fucking pussies I’ve ever seen. Jesus, we are really doomed.

I’ll never understand guys like that one fag who is white as a ghost and with a straight face saying “I fucking hate white people”.

He hates himself, he hates success, he hates his dad, he hates God.

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Tessa would get it…

Maybe it’s a midwest thing but at least half of my liberal friends own and shoot guns

Ho Jon and I took one of our very liberal co-workers to the gun range. Every one of her impressions of gun toting 'merica was truly tested that day.

She absolutely loved it. She did however tell us that we couldn’t mention this outing to anyone because her ilk would never understand it and more than likely chastise her for shooting a weapon of war…

Jesus christ I want to hurt that Beau guy. Couldn’t make it the whole way through, but the big guy seemed at least somewhat reasonable

I’d like to take liberals to shoot guns then pop a round in all their heads. But I wont! I wont I wont so dont get yo panties in a bunch!

They’re so faggy… I thank God I’m not such a limp wristed dweeb as those in the video. They think movies are real life is what the problem is. They see movies where people are busting out machine guns and then think that’s how everyone uses their AR… not realizing barely anyone uses an AR to commit crimes, it’s all about handguns.