Taking notes from Comp DVD?

I was thinking about getting some comp dvds like the pan-ams and such and take some notes from the matches and see what passes work see how they work their guards stuff like that.

Has anyone ever done this and if so did it work for you.

We must be reading the same stuff...

I just started doing this with the 2005 Abu Dhabi's. Basically I just watch a match and note (actually write out) everything of significance as it happens in order. My DVD player has a loop function and slow speed so I watch things over and over and see exactly what is happening during a transition. It takes me about 1 hour to get a ten minute match.

I've only been doing it for a few days so its too soon to say what the results will be. You pick up a lot of little things though definitely.

I really think this will help my own analysis of videos of my matches. Also, I can recall a match very well and visualize what happened clearly. I want to develop my visualization, so I think this will help too. Personally, I'm kind of at the point where I can't add more physical training, so its going to mostly be mental.

The DVD Tournament of pros used 5 cameras,great angles,you can't go wrong with this,16 black belts showing you their best.

I recently got the tournament of Pros DVD, picked up some nice guard passing, half guard, mount escape, back escape, and back control tips from watching it. If you're a Rani Yahya fan, it's a must have, as you get to see him dominate some really tough guys. I would like to see a match between him and Marcelo, just to see who would take whose back!

One of the other tournament DVDs I learned a lot from was PanAms 2004. Between Jacare, Terere, Leozinho, and Braulio Estima's matches, you can pick up a lot of trends and high percentage moves.

If you are into competing, I think watching competition footage is just as important for your game as instructional vids, perhaps more so.

A study of high level players in competition is how many of the new games and techniques develop. Somone see's somthing they like that worked in competition and they start to work on it. That's pretty much how things start to spread. Well, instructionals also help.

A good example is Cobara Kai. They are huge proponents of studying fight footage and seeing what the best are doing. Look at them now. They have some of the best grapplers around.