Taking the punk outta a punk

Sure you guys have heard this before.
Got a call today from a friend of my brother. Guy got in a fight last night (actually he started it ) and called me this morning asking if he can start "streetfighting" classes. Apparently he and his friend didnt fair too well in the "streetfight". My brother says the guy is a nice guy generally but starts fights alot. So i am sending him over to Brunno Panno's academy (my coach) to learn "streefighting" hehe.

How do u guys normally deal with people like this. I have a feeling once he finds out that fights actually hurt alot (through even light sparring of BJJ or MMA whicheva class he goes to) it might change his attitude on starting fights. Alot of these guys who start fights alot have never actually thrown a punch beside a sucker punch or been on the recieving end because the "fights" are usually a private school boy ego showdown where both are either ignorant (that real fight really hurt win or lose) or scared and putting up the "invisible late defense" as Matt Thornton puts it.

Anyhow just thought i'd see what you guys have to say.

people like that have an urge to fight, people who train do that every day and dont feel that thats why you see that fighters harldy ever have fights in the street. Sending him to a gym is a little risky to me because if he keeps the same attitude he will get into some serious shit. But again he can change and loose it.

yeh its a tough one.

Sounds like an attitude problem.

Exposure to a bit of 'live contact' sparring (boxing,
mma, bjj) may give him a bit of a reality check
when picking fights with someone...

Who knows, perhaps the discipline of regular
training, or competiton under the guidance of a
good coach and team-mates may channel his
aggressive streak..... Either that, or tell him to lay off
the piss before he gets himself stabbed by some
shithead who don't give a fuck about rolling about
in the street.

When I was in the army, we used to see a lot of guys come into unarmed combat training with a chip on their shoulder. They woul like getting into fights.

After 12 weeks of getting flogged, bent, snapped and belted every day, most couldn't be arsed fighting anymore and quit the habit (me included).

Of course, it made some worse - a kind of bloodlust, I guess.

Double Post

i dont think this guy has a bloodlust, just an attitude problem.

I actually meant that throwing him in at the deep end could promote a "bloodlust" or worsen the attitude problem.

But then, it might sap that attitude.

I actually meant that throwing him in at the deep end could promote a "bloodlust" or worsen the attitude problem.

But then, it might sap that attitude.

When i was boxing if someone came into the gym with an attitude problem and wanted to start trying to beat others up in the gym he got the privlige of sparring the best fighter in the gym. It seemed to usally sort them out as in they either came into the gym to work with the rest of the fighters or they just never come back. Either way it worked.

As in street fighting get him to classes and see if he is any good. By the sounds of it he is just one of the many guys who go to pubs and clubs on weekends and start fights they can't fight for shit! Love when i'm bouncing and i see the same guys starting trouble each week, when they end up on the lossing end of the fight i never rush in to stop the fight. Figure they can learn the hard way!

I would go as far to say he cant fight his way outta a paper bag. Will send him over to Bruno's and see if he likes it.

Yeah I notice that the tough guys with attitudes never seem to hang around for very long.


"i dont think this guy has a bloodlust, just an attitude problem."

Sneak up behind him and put him in a rear naked choke then say "lesson one is finished" when he wakes up.

If he can't fight let him just keep doing what he is doing on the street (broberly king hitting guys) and i have seen time and time again it will all come back to haunt him! He might learn a real hard leasson a real hard way!

Man I am angry but not angry enough to go start fights.There are some silly people in the world.

WhiteWhale = on the money!

Basket weaving is the only answer....

I read an awesome book on Central Asian weavery and embroidery and it really opened my eyes up.